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Green Lighting for Eco-friendly Businesses Green Lighting for Eco-friendly Businesses

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Amazing Lighting Tips Eco-Friendly Businesses Can’t Overlook

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At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we talked about some important ways to lower your carbon footprint. Most of our suggestions centered around green living ideas for individuals, rather than businesses. However, businesses can take some important steps to lower their carbon footprint as well, such as improving the efficiency of their lighting systems.

Lighting is perhaps one of the biggest causes of energy consumption for many businesses, so making sure your business lighting is eco-friendly will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. We have taken a look at a few ways you can ensure your business lighting is eco-friendly.

Get LEDs

We wrote an article last year hailing LED lighting as one of the saviors of the sustainability movement. It has proven to be very useful for companies trying to lower their carbon footprints.

The easiest way to ensure your business lighting is eco-friendly is through installing LED lights. These lights are perhaps the most eco-friendly on the market and provide long-lasting, energy efficient alternatives to regular lighting.

Although they may cost a little more up-front (while still remaining affordable), they can reduce your business energy consumption for lighting by an amazing 80%, meaning smaller bills and better lighting for your money. If you need your business lighting changed to LED alternatives, find a company that has experience and the right skillset in installing interior lighting.

Get Motion Sensors

Having the lights on in every room of your business isn’t ideal or good for the environment. Sometimes employees can forget to turn switches off, especially if they’re busy or their hands are full upon leaving the room. While adding notes around the office asking employees to turn off the lights may help, motion sensors are a much better idea. You may even want to install lights that can dim, so you only need to use as much energy as needed to light the room. Motion sensors can prevent unused electricity bills and keep bulbs in use for longer.

Use Recycled Materials

When looking for lamps or shades for your business, choose materials that are recycled and eco-friendly. Lamps that are made with reused or natural materials are better for the environment, can be cheaper, and look just as good. Many offices and businesses use the recycled and upcycled movement to create interesting interior designs within their business.

Use Daylight to Your Advantage

The most eco-friendly way to light your business is with natural sunlight. This may mean installing some extra windows or a skylight, but by doing so, you are creating a more natural environment for your workers. This can save money on electricity bills and make for a brighter, more welcoming business space.

Invest in Green Power

If you have already made your lighting as energy-efficient as possible, it may be time to look at where you get your energy supplied from. Choosing a utility company that supplies green energy is a great way to ensure your business lighting and whole power source are more eco-friendly. Many leading electrical suppliers are now offering cleaner, greener energy, which comes from renewable sources such as solar energy and wind farms. For more information on green energy in the US, check out the 10 biggest renewable energy companies for your business.

Eco-Friendly Lighting is a Great Way to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

These tips can help ensure your business lighting is eco-friendly. Now more than ever, it is important to keep your business’s carbon footprint down and to do your bit to help the environment. Not only is this beneficial for our world, you can also save money when your business lighting is eco-friendly.

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