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Business Security System Features Every Eco-Friendly Business Needs

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Eco-friendly businesses are becoming a lot more popular these days. A growing number of companies are pivoting to green business models, because they recognize that customers prefer environmentally friendly products and services. One poll from last March showed that 78% of customers were more likely to choose products that were marked as being eco-friendly.

However, eco-friendly companies still face a variety of challenges. They have found that a lot of customers don’t always put their money where their mouth is. Katherine White and her colleagues writing for Harvard Business Review pointed this out in the article The Elusive Green Consumer.

They also found that the cost of creating products and services is higher for eco-friendly businesses, because they have to use less readily available materials and often use more complex manufacturing processes.

This means that green companies have to pay close attention to important decision-making processes. This includes using the right security systems to protect your goods.

The Right Security System is Essential for Your Eco-Friendly Business

There are a lot of things that you need to do when running an eco-friendly business. You are going to need to pay close attention to accounting, marketing and staffing issues. However, there are other issues that don’t always get the attention that they deserve. One example is the important of security systems.

Having a reliable security system can be especially important for an eco-friendly contracting business. Green building materials can be very expensive, so you can’t afford to leave them vulnerable to theft.

If you’re thinking about installing a security system for your business, knowing the many types of alarm systems, the available features, and the benefits they give is important. Doing your research can help you choose an inexpensive, practical system that will benefit your company for years to come.

Best Security Systems Characteristics

Security systems for businesses safeguard your company’s assets, personnel, and inventory while lowering utility costs. The specific features you should seek in a security system are determined by the layout of your building and the demands of your company. On the other hand, many organizations opt for these top qualities when purchasing a security system.

Detection of fire/smoke and environmental hazards

Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and elevated temperature can all be detected by sensors, triggering alarms. Low-temperature sensors can also be put in bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms and other places with water lines. Sensors can also be used to detect water in flood-prone locations. This is going to be important for eco-friendly contractors, because they have to make sure that all of their materials will be protected.

When these sensors identify any unexpected readings, an alarm is dispatched to the security system monitoring provider, police and fire departments, and corporate-approved individuals, allowing these responders to act immediately and reduce possible harm.

If your commercial security systems are linked to local law enforcement, you should be aware that you need to register with the police department in your area.

Logs of access

Electronic access control not only removes the inconvenient usage of keys to gain entry to your office building (and other secure places), but it also keeps track of who has entered and when. Any authorized, web-enabled machine can see data files. If someone tries to obtain unlawful entry, the access control system and the alarm system can be linked to send out notifications.

Identity verification

Identity verification systems allow only permitted personnel to enter a building or a specified region, ideal for firms that value secrecy and security. Unauthorized persons are prevented from having access to locations where they should not be.

A user’s identity is verified and approved in one of four methods in place of a physical key:

  • The employee uses a card reader at the entry point to swipe their identity card (or a smart card or key fob).
  • Employees use a keypad located at important entry points to input a personal identification number or password.
  • Photo identification is used to verify the user’s identity.
  • The technology recognizes a person’s fingerprint or faces via biometric recognition.

Video recording

If you use video cameras with your system, you may choose to record continuously or when a specific condition is satisfied. For example, if your system senses movement, a sensor determines that a door or window has been opened, or you want to record at specific times of the day, your system can start recording (or night). While continuous recording necessitates additional storage, it may be required, particularly in high-risk regions where security is critical.

Eco-Friendly Businesses Can’t Afford to Use the Wrong Security Systems

The features you need in commercial security systems are determined by your company’s size, budget, and the security concerns you encounter regularly. For example, if you run a large warehouse with a lot of inventory, you’ll need a different security system than if you run a small brick-and-mortar business.

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