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Amazing Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips Saving The Environment

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Climate change is at the forefront of many of our minds these days. We’re all looking for simple changes we can make that will reduce our impact on the environment and keep our planet healthy for generations to come.

In the landscaping industry, we’re seeing more and more clients who not only want a beautiful, well-manicured lawn, but are also concerned with the impact their choices could potentially have on the environment.

It’s no secret that some plants and techniques aren’t the most eco-friendly. As traditional, resource-heavy landscaping styles go out of fashion, new, environmentally-conscious trends are becoming more and more popular.

There are numerous trends in landscaping that can reduce the negative environmental impacts of your clients’ lawns. Exploring some of these techniques will make your clients happier and make their lawn greener in more ways than one.

Forgo Grass, Hello Rockscaping

It’s no secret that grass isn’t terribly efficient when it comes to popular lawn plants. What was once the King of the lawn is now often pushed to the side for new, trendy alternatives. And these trends benefit your family as well as your wallet!

The environmental impact of grass is certainly one reason why it’s fallen out of fashion in recent years. And it’s no coincidence that grass alternatives are more popular than ever, even in areas of the country where they’re not yet commonplace.

Some of the most popular grass alternatives you may be seeing are substances like mulch, rocks, or sand being used to fill lawns delicately and with less demanding maintenance. Some clients even request creativity in their use of rocks, with full-on rockscaping becoming a popular choice for those who write off grass for their lawns.

Forgoing grass not only impacts the landscaping industry, but clearly impacts the environment, as well. Exchanging a water-demanding plant like grass for a substance that requires no water, like rocks, is a brilliant way to help your clients be a little greener, even if their lawn isn’t.

Climate-Friendly Plants for Less Water Usage

Surely, exotic and hard-to-find plants from far away destinations have a ton of curbside appeal. However, more and more homeowners are moving away from these uncommon shrubberies to make way for plants that naturally thrive in their chosen environment.

What impact does this have on the landscaping industry? Well, it certainly makes sourcing plants for clients a little easier.

But it has an even bigger impact on the environment.

Climate-appropriate plants naturally demand fewer resources, as they’re already equipped to grow and thrive in the environment they’re planted in. This means less water usage, which can make a big difference particularly for your budget-conscious clients.

Homeowners everywhere are finding new appreciation for the ordinary, and saving money (and the environment!) along the way.

Go Green or Go Home

The world of landscaping is ever-evolving, which makes a landscaper’s job dynamic and interesting. More and more clients are becoming eco-conscious. By keeping ahead of the trends, you can be sure to stay up to date on the latest in eco-friendly landscaping.

For more ideas for helping your clients stay eco-friendly with their landscaping choices, check out these ideas and a ton more from Hippo.

Sarah Hollenbeck is a writer, homeowner and marketer from Austin, Texas. She has a passion for all things tech and loves to help others learn how to make their homes (and their lives) smarter with just a few simple devices.

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