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9 Ways Having a Well-maintained Lawn Benefits Your Family

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A green, well-kept lawn is not only a sight for sore eyes, it also offers a soothing and inviting space for a family to relax and unwind at the end of a hectic day. Keeping your lawn in top shape the year round, or at least most of the year, gives your children a safe and healthy space to play, have a picnic, host a night camp or just run around and fit and healthy.

For adults, a green space works as a comforting personal zone where they can just lie on the grass, gaze at the moon or host outdoor parties for friends and family.

A healthy lawn or garden increases your living space, extending it outwards and yet maintaining a sense of privacy. Whether or not you have green fingers, there are several good reasons why you should consider developing a well-maintained green space in your yard.

Here are 9 benefits of having a healthy garden or lawn in your home.

Promotes physical activity

Having access to a green yard right outside gives both kids and adults a space to run around, exercise, play ball or do yoga. If there are senior members in your family, coming out and sitting or walking in the lawn every day can improve their mobility and give them a much needed breather from being indoors all the time.

Working professionals that lead a busy and stressful lifestyle benefit greatly from returning home to a space where they can lie in the hammock, idle away the weekend, or spend quality time with pets and kids without leaving home. Greenery promotes physical activity and makes people agile by giving them a reason to be outdoors.

Enhances mental wellbeing

Living surrounded by a green space full of trees, shrubs and flowers is a proven stress-buster that enhances a person’s sense of mental and physical wellbeing. In fact, spending time outdoors in a green space, whether it’s the local park or the wilderness or your own beautifully done yard, improves mood, triggers fresh thinking, new ideas and positive thoughts, leading people to live happier lives.

Provides a safety barrier

Particularly if you have children, a well-kept front yard creates a physical barrier between the street and your home’s front door. Compare a well-maintained yard to an unkempt front lawn that has not been tended to for months. Consider which one gives you a sense of security and safety and would help to keep trespassers and vandals out.

If you haven’t really bothered to spend time on grooming your yard, try it once. It makes a world of difference to not just the façade of your home but also its value in the real estate market.

Improves soil health and curbs soil erosion

As you may have learned in school, grass and plants hold soil in place and control soil erosion. Moreover, dried grass, fallen leaves, flowers and decayed roots become food for the top layer of soil, making it more fertile.

A green lawn is a source of nourishment for tiny creatures such as earthworms and ants, which, too, eventually perish and turn into natural manure for your greens. Thus, your garden not only supports your physical and mental health but harbors an entire ecosystem within itself.

Arrests pollutants

Healthy turf is home to several good microbes and organisms that help the ecosystem thrive and grow and keep your grass, plants, shrubs and trees lush and healthy.

Moreover, a healthy yard  and well-tended greens help diminish dust, pollen and other airborne particles around your house, making it safer for your loved ones to enjoy the outdoors whenever they want. With pollution becoming a major concern globally, you can make your own little contribution to the environment by growing a garden right in your front lawn or backyard.

Acts as your very own personal oxygen chamber

We know that plants release oxygen into the air and absorb carbon dioxide. Plants and trees are the greatest natural air purifiers to have around your home, particularly if you live in an area with heavy automobile traffic.

A healthy lawn creates a healthy environment for both humans and animals, reducing the impact of the omnipresent dust, noise and fossil-fuel pollution. Moreover, grass, trees and plants help reduce our carbon footprint and create a beautiful and healthy home and neighborhood.

Keeps your home cool and your energy bills low

Surrounding your windows and roofs with trees can significantly reduce the rise in temperature caused by harsh sunlight during the peak of summer. Additionally, a green lawn or garden reduces the temperature around your home, while a cement or asphalt lawn with no grass drives up temperatures real fast when the sun is at its strongest.

By having a green space around your home, you can keep your house cool, which will undoubtedly affect your cooling costs over time.

Reduces the risk of fire and improves groundwater

Healthy plants and green grass do what dried bushes, weeds and dead grass cannot. They reduce the risk of fire and arrest the intensity of a raging fire by providing a moisture-rich barrier to an approaching fire. Having a healthy green yard offers some protection to your home against fires.

Moreover, landscaping can help increase the levels of clean groundwater by trapping pollutants and filtering and absorbing rainwater, which is not possible with a concrete floor. A green turf also slows down water runoff, thus allowing more water to seep into the ground.

Acts as a noise pollution barrier

Thick greens act as a natural sound and noise barrier, thus helping maintain your privacy and keeping outsides noise levels to a minimum. By reducing noise, green lawns and yards help arrest noise pollution in a neighborhood and contribute to the well-being of the inhabitants.

Grow plenty of trees and plants around your home to make a calming and noise-free space for yourself and those you love.

5 Benefits of hiring a professional lawn care service

Clearly, the above benefits come after a lot of hard work that goes into keeping a well-groomed and healthy yard full of trees, shrubs, potted plants and lush, green grass. If it sounds like too much work but still doesn’t deter you from building a green oasis around your house, consider hiring a professional service that has the expertise and resources to help you create a lawn you will love to spend time in but won’t have to maintain or look after a lot.

If you don’t have the time or energy to preserve your lawn through the changing seasons, check out professional lawn care companies in Boise, which offer a whole range of garden care services for those who love and cherish their green space and want to have it in superb shape all year round.

Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a trusted local lawn care company.

  1. You get to preserve your landscape and have a beautiful garden that you can sit back and enjoy without getting your hands dirty.
  2. You save money as you get access to cost-effective long-term gardening solutions.
  3. Your lawn is serviced using the best professional tools, materials and equipment that you wouldn’t be able to use on a DIY project.
  4. Professional landscaping greatly enhances your home’s visual appeal and resale value, thus justifying the cost of hiring a gardening expert.
  5. Lastly, you get consistent service, which ensures that your plants and landscaping are not neglected when you’re busy or away.
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