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build an eco-friendly structure for your garden build an eco-friendly structure for your garden


How to Build an Eco-Friendly Structure in Your Garden

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Gardening is becoming more popular these days. One survey found that 77% of people in the United States participated in gardening. Sustainability is also becoming more popular, which means many people want to make their gardens eco-friendly.

There are a lot of great ways to make your garden eco-friendlier. One of the most overlooked is to build an eco-friendly structure to support it.

How Do You Build an Eco-Friendly Structure for Your Garden?

Building an eco-friendly structure in your garden can be quite challenging. There are several things that you need to consider to ensure that you would indeed create a building that would be functional, earth-friendly and interesting, all at the same time. Planning and preparation are key elements to ensure that you’re successfully building such a structure.

As a homeowner, you must look into a few things before building your eco-friendly structure. Click here If you need guidance and assistance regarding products such as cladding, joists, reclaimed timber for flooring and other necessary materials. You can also find ideas on how to make your dream eco-structure a reality.

Here are some things you must look into if you want to build an eco-friendly building at a reasonable cost.

Choose ground screw systems for your foundation

Using a concrete base would require excavation and disposal, creating a lot of environmental disruption. You wouldn’t want that, so you should look into using a ground screw system to anchor your building. You don’t need to level the ground as screws get bored into it, levelled and brackets get attached to the screws to create the foundation—less environmental disruption, better for the environment.

Use recycled or reclaimed materials 

Use recycled or reclaimed materials to construct your eco-friendly structure. You can scour junk shops and reclamation yards to procure your materials. You can even ask for donations from your neighbours or through social media. You can save a few bucks and still positively impact the environment. You need to incorporate the reclaimed materials into your design so you would have an idea of what materials you might need.

Incorporate an eco-roof or a living wall

You might have to be creative with the struts and support beams but incorporating an eco-roof or a living wall would help regulate the temperature inside the shed. Putting these features into the structure would also help encourage wildlife into your property. Ensure that your building is structurally sound if you plan on adding these features.

Go solar

Another way to ensure your structure’s sustainability and eco-friendly nature is to incorporate solar panels to power the light fixtures. You can procure small solar panels, big enough to power light bulbs and a few sockets for your shed. As a result, you would save on electricity costs while retaining the structure’s functionality.

Install a rainwater collection system

Another way you can ensure the eco-friendly nature of your building is through the installation of a rainwater collection system. You can direct the rainwater from your roof to collection drums and use the water to irrigate the vegetation in your garden. You’ll save on water costs this way.

Use porous materials for paving your pathways

You must also create a pathway to your shed and around your garden. Instead of using concrete slabs, consider using gravel and slate chippings bordered with bricks to ensure water permeability.


Building an eco-friendly structure in your garden isn’t easy, but it is doable. However, you need to incorporate several things to ensure that you would create a functional, interesting and yet sustainable space.

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