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How Energy Efficient Homes Are Good for the Environment

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One of the major problems that humanity is facing at the moment is none other than concern about the environment. No matter if we talk about global warming, the Greenhouse effect or any other environmental issue, the threat is definitely real. So now it’s up to us to do everything in our power in order to help prevent more natural disasters from happening in the future, or even stop current ones from getting bigger.

One of the first and most important steps that we can take is to reduce our energy consumption. And more exactly, in this article, we will discuss how to make your own home energy-efficient:

Impact on the Environment

Trying to move into a green home is not the cheapest decision that you can make, for sure. And trying to build one from scratch isn’t either, plus the fact that it’s a very stressful process. Given these facts, you might wonder what’s the exact impact that your decision to move from living in a traditional home into a green one, can have on the environment.

Well, for starters, it’s worth to mention a well-known fact that we all most probably are aware of by now: every form of electricity generation has a certain impact on our water, air and land. Another fact that not everyone is aware of, is that almost 40% of the energy consumed in the United States is used in order to generate electricity.

So here’s the first question that comes to one’s mind right after acknowledging this fact: How do I use electricity more efficiently? If everyone would start asking this sort of questions, a lot of great things could happen, like less fuel needed to produce electricity or less greenhouse gases emitted.

What Can You Do?

Luckily, thanks to technology advancements that are being made constantly nowadays, it’s much more easier for people to help the environment. The only other thing that’s necessary, is people’s willingness to make a change. Here are some energy saving techniques that you can start thinking about:


One thing that will help you cut down on your yearly energy-usage is making sure your home’s insulation is as recommended by the Department of Energy (DOE). You mainly have to check the insulation level in certain places of your home, like the attic, the sidewalls and crawl spaces. Of course you can do that yourself if you are able to, but if not, you can always hire someone that will help you reduce the energy loss in your own home.

insulate your home

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But that’s not that the only benefit that insulating your home brings. One other benefit is the control that you have over noises. You might wonder what does noise have to do with insulating your home. Well, if you go for fiberglass insulation, this will not only keep out the noise from outside of the house, but it will also reduce the probability of hearing noises from one room of your household in another one. The best part about choosing to insulate your home this way, has to be the fact that fiberglass insulation is very environment friendly.

Solar Energy

If you would have large, south-facing windows all over your home, you would be able to do more than 80 percent of your heating by just using solar energy. Well, if that’s possible (and it definitely sounds amazing), think about what can happen if you would go for rooftop solar panels.

solar energy

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And if it wasn’t already obvious, using solar energy in your green home has a positive effect on the environment. If you go for this alternative source of energy, you automatically help reduce the usage of other energy sources that could have larger negative impacts on the environment. There are some toxic materials that are used when building the solar panels, but they’re not even close to being as harmful to the planet as traditional energy sources.

Windows, Doors and Garage Doors

Are you interested in the idea of cutting heat loss in half in your own household? Of course you are, who wouldn’t be? Well, one great technique that you can start thinking about is investing in storm windows and doors. And if you want to be even more effective, you can always go for double or triple-glazed windows.

Another upgrade that you didn’t know you needed in your life is energy-efficient garage doors. This upgrade could be the perfect decision that you’ll make next winter, given the fact it can dramatically lower your home’s heating bills.

Lightning and Appliances

This might seem hard to believe, but you are able to cut the electricity used for your home’s lightning by as much as 75 percent. How’s that possible? Just think about replacing your regular incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. And the lightning bulb is just a minor example of a thing that you can change in your home, get your money back (and even more) and also help the environment at the same time. For example, you can think about purchasing energy-efficient home appliances.

If you use energy-efficient home appliances you are being really helpful when it comes stopping the exploitation of natural resources. Also, another benefit of using this kind of appliances is controlling the pollution. The explanation is simple: when producing energy and using water, oil, coal or natural gases, it can lead to water, air and soil pollution because of the industrial effluents and emissions.

It’s clear that something has to change, isn’t it? The uncontrolled consumption of energy is one of the main sources for some of the biggest issues that our planet is facing nowadays. It might not seem like something revolutionary that can change the entire world, if you start doing all of the things mentioned above. But the simple fact that you switch living in a traditional home for living in a green one, brings us as humans, one step closer to healing the planet and reducing the concern for the sick environment that we all live in.

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