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solar power is important for eco-friendly construction companies solar power is important for eco-friendly construction companies

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How Solar Power Can Transform Your Construction Company

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Solar power is becoming more popular due to its positive impact on the environment and return on investment. Businesses and consumers around the United States are projected to spend over $10 billion on solar energy by 2030. Despite supply chain shortages in 2021, the price of PV systems was relatively steady.

The affordability of solar panel systems has increased over the years. In fact, the cost of solar power fell 12% in just the 12 months between 2020 and 2021. As more individuals realize their need for solar energy, the construction industry is being directly impacted.

Keep reading to learn how solar energy can transform your eco-friendly construction company.

Solar Energy and the Construction Industry

The increase in demand for solar energy is due to several factors. One factor includes technological advancements in the construction industry. Solar power is now more affordable and can produce more efficiently.

The demand for more environmentally friendly practices drives construction techniques. Businesses are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and solar energy offers a solution.

More solar panels mean more job opportunities for construction companies.

Solar Energy and Construction Equipment

In construction, uncharged and dead batteries are a common and costly problem.

During idle periods when equipment sits and is not used, the batteries get drained slowly. A battery that sits in a low charge state for long loses the ability to recharge and hold enough power to restart equipment.

Since heavy equipment gets loaded with additional electronics, this issue is more prevalent. Jump starting batteries or replacing them is an everyday task for some construction businesses.

Switching to solar energy is the solution to the problem. A small amount of daily charging can offset loads to keep batteries in good condition. Jump starts get eliminated and batteries can last up to 10 years.

Related to solar energy are back-connect solar technology and return on investment.

1. Back-Connect Solar Technology

Thanks to back-connect solar technology, solar panels can survive on a construction site. Not only that but you can install them on the roof of construction machines directly.

Solar innovation allows panels to be flexible and resistant enough to handle possible damage from debris. Solar panels can produce power even when covered in dirt or when there is cloudy weather.

2. Return on Investment

Although solar panels are more affordable than ever, the upfront cost is high. However, owning the technology reaps many benefits.

Along with ROI, these are other benefits that make the cost worth it:

  • Future longevity
  • Energy independence
  • Tax benefits
  • Environmental returns
  • Greener image
  • Low maintenance

In general, a construction business will see a return on investment (ROI) in less than a year. Plus, businesses can take advantage of the solar tax credit offered in their state.

Can Your Construction Company Benefit From Solar Energy?

With the advancements in solar technology, it’s hard to deny the benefits of using solar energy for construction companies.

The obvious reasons that solar transforms the construction industry are that it creates more jobs and can lead to a return on investment.

The much more prominent reason is that solar panels can help with the dead battery problem that construction industries face. Avoid dead batteries, jump starts, and replacement batteries by purchasing panels for your equipment.

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