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5 tips to boost solar energy efficiency 5 tips to boost solar energy efficiency


5 Ways Green Builders Improve Solar Panel Efficiency

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There are a lot of nuances to building a green home. You probably want to create a home that is run by renewable energy.

The most common form of renewable energy is solar power. Residential homeowners spent over $10.4 billion on solar power last year. Many feel solar energy is very advantageous. However, installing solar panels alone isn’t enough.

You also have to make sure that you get the most out of your solar energy system. This means that you have to design your property and setup your solar panels for maximum efficiency.

How Can You Get the Most Efficient Solar Energy System for Your Home?

One of the best decisions you can ever make is deciding to go green by installing solar panels. However, choosing this path comes with the mandate to enhance and maintain your solar panel efficiency for the best return on investment. Here, we look at five tips for improving solar panel efficiency.

1.      Invest in powerful solar panels

Not all solar panels are equal, and when choosing these units, it is vital to opt for the most efficient models in the market. To make the best decision, hire seasoned solar specialists who understand the technologies and working mechanisms behind these systems. Keep in mind that there are different types of solar panels, each with unique energy-conversion features that dictate their highest possible output.

By choosing the most powerful solar panels, such as these solar panels in Brisbane, complete with performance-increasing equipment like micro-inverters, you can be confident of a system that generates more energy even when there is little sunshine.

2.      Ensure correct installation

If you want a clean energy sustainable home, you must ensure your solar panels are professionally installed to receive optimal sunlight and generate more electricity. Typically, solar panels should face the right direction, and as a general rule, if you are in the southern hemisphere, your solar panels should face true south and vice versa. You should also ensure your solar panels sit at an optimal angle, which is best determined by your area’s geographical latitude. For the best results, always rely on professional solar installers to decide the best orientation and tilt angle for your solar panels.

3.      Eliminate shade

Since solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, it is crucial to avoid installing them next to bug buildings or items that will cause shade. You should also actively eliminate shade where these units have been installed, and since tall trees are a major offender, you should call on tree trimming and removal experts whenever you notice shade on your solar array.

4.      Clean your solar panels regularly

Studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory show that dust accumulation can reduce solar panel output by as high as 50%. To avoid these energy losses, it is vital to professionally clean your solar panels at least once a year to maintain their efficiency. Dirt and dust accumulation on your solar panels will also be significantly reduced when these units are installed at an angle that allows loose particles and debris to wash off in the rain.

5.      Monitor your solar panel output

It is crucial to monitor the performance of your solar panels, so you can notice and take action when their efficiency drops. This is easily done by connecting an energy management software to your solar panels for a hands-free way to detect unexpected decreases in your solar panels’ output. Armed with the analytics these tools provide, you will quickly determine the underlying problem with your solar panels and have them addressed before it is too late.


While solar panels are a great investment, the best way to make the most of these solar energy generating units is by following these tips to enhance their efficiency.

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