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Reasons Why the Importance of Green Building is Gaining Momentum

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve probably noticed the increase in popularity of the green movement. Americans are growing more and more concerned about the environmental impact of the decisions they make and businesses are listening. More companies than ever before are changing their practices and products to be greener and more environmentally friendly and construction companies are no exception. Green building has certainly gained momentum recently and for good reason. Let’s now move on and learn a few things about green building and its growing importance.

What is green building?

Green building ultimately translates to the important efforts of construction of which companies use the most environmentally safe products and practices where possible. Green builders are trained experts in designing green homes in the most environmentally friendly way possible. This method of building has seen a spike in interest given the growing concern for the environment. More and more people are interested in what sort of benefits green building can offer them. In the next section, we’ll discuss why it’s so important and how it can benefit you.

The significance and benefits of green building

This method of building helps to decrease the environmental impact of development and minimize energy usage – brilliant for lowering pollution. Their efforts help to produce a home or office building that creates the smallest environmental impact possible, conserves water and energy, and saves you money in the long run.

When all efforts are made to construct a truly green building, your office or home requires less energy to function properly. If you choose to install solar panels, you can not only save money and use the cleanest energy available, but also, after a period of time using it, you can sell energy back to the utility company, saving you even more money. The benefits to green building go far beyond just the environmental impact.

So how effective are green buildings? Here are some of the primary benefits that organizations should be aware of:

  • Environmentally friendly businesses can reduce energy consumption by 25% or more. The exact efficiency depends on a variety of factors, including the climate, type of energy efficient amenities that were added (such as Energy Star appliances) and the experience of the green contractor. The ROI from saving energy will be higher as energy prices continue to rise in the near future, even if green buildings don’t become more energy efficient.
  • Reducing pollution can significantly reduce the risks of being cited for environmental regulations. This can be a greater benefit as the EPA and municipalities start cracking down on companies that leave a larger environmental footprint. Some experts estimate that green businesses can reduce pollution by 20% or more.
  • Green buildings will make it easier for companies to operate sustainably as oil, coal and other natural resources are depleted.

The benefits are becoming more pronounced as green building designs improve. The National Institute of Building Sciences reports that green buildings have become far more sophisticated in recent years, so the energy saving benefits are much higher as well.

Why is green building gaining momentum?

Green building is an innovative new method of building that encourages efforts being made to be as environmentally friendly as possible in the construction process. This increases its ratings amongst the many people with a growing concern for the environment. It’s gaining momentum because it’s both financially and environmentally beneficial (especially in the long-term). The changes to greener practices and products are easy to make and relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to how much money could be saved once the building is up and running. It can be fairly lucrative to switch to green living, which surprises many, and of course, it is good for the environment.

Green building is a new innovative way to construct homes that minimizes the environmental impact. This method of construction can help minimize your environmental footprint, conserve energy and water, and save you money. The importance of this new method of construction has definitely gained momentum as clearly shown by the increased demand and interest in green construction.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will  be ready to consider your options when it comes to the prospect of building a property.

Have some inspiration about going green in all aspect of life. Views are my own.

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