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How Contracting Events Can Incorporate Sustainability

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The contracting industry is doing more to improve sustainability. This is important, since the demand for eco-friendly buildings is surging. In May, a new report showed the demand for eco-friendly buildings is projected to be worth over $1.3 trillion by 2030.

Corporate events are a great way to enhance employee morale, create connections, and strengthen teams. A number of construction companies have events to showcase the importance of using new technology to construct buildings more efficiently.

These events serve as crucial platforms for professionals to exchange innovative ideas, showcase eco-friendly technologies, and discuss the latest trends in sustainable construction. Attendees, including architects, builders, engineers, and policymakers, are increasingly focused on strategies that prioritize energy efficiency, waste reduction, and the use of renewable materials. The integration of sustainable design principles not only mitigates the environmental impact of construction projects but also fosters economic resilience, healthier built environments, and a brighter future for generations to come. As the construction industry evolves, sustainability remains at the forefront of these events, driving positive change and inspiring a greener, more sustainable built environment.

However, they can also negatively affect the environment because they create waste and carbon emissions. This is counterproductive for eco-friendly construction companies that want to do their part to help the planet. By hosting a sustainable corporate event, you can lower your environmental impact and create a more meaningful experience for employees.

Read on to learn how to incorporate sustainability at your next business event. You may be surprised by how effective these tips are for lowering your carbon footprint.

Book an eco-friendly venue

This is one of the best ways to make your event more sustainable. Some venues may even have energy-efficient appliances and/or lighting as well as water-saving features such as low-flow toilets or recycled water. Additionally, hosting a meeting in an ecolodge, dude ranch, convention center, or self-sufficient hotel provides employees with a memorable experience and a nice change of scenery. 

Offer sustainable transportation

If the venue is not within walking distance of employee accommodation, consider offering sustainable transportation options. These may include shuttle services and public transportation. You can even offer staff members an incentive for carpooling. Because air travel also contributes to high carbon emissions, think about hosting an online event.

Reduce food waste

Did you know that at public events, every participant creates about 2.5 pounds of waste? That’s a significant amount of food that goes uneaten and thrown away. To reduce food waste at your next corporate event, consider providing employees with no-waste catering. You can even source fair-trade food such as coffee and seafood. Moreover, you can opt for plated meals instead of buffet style to reduce food waste.

These sustainable food and beverage options typically include locally sourced and organic food, compostable serving ware, and plant-based options. Not only will you be doing your part for the environment, but also you’ll be supporting local businesses in the community.

Give ecofriendly gifts

Make your corporate event even more special by providing attendees with an environmentally friendly gift. These may include recycled plastic water bottles and digital gift cards, for example. An alternative option is to forgo the fun swag and donate to environmental causes or animal conservation.    

Hosting a sustainable corporate event lets you spread the message about climate awareness and introduce new sustainable contracting events. It can even help your company gain publicity and brand awareness. For more ways on how you can incorporate sustainability at your next business event, see the accompanying resource.

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