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How To Keep Raccoons Out




If you have a house in the suburbs away from the bustling city, you could be at risk of wild animals. Wild animals that look for food could find their way into your home if you aren’t insulated against them. They don’t go as far as the cities but could come from the surrounding woods and the wild. Raccoons are especially a menace because they are agile and cause damage to property too. They could also be feral and harm elders and children. They are big animals and can hold their own even against an able-bodied adult.

If your house has signs of raccoons breaking in, immediately launch a search party! Search every corner of the house, even the attic for these rodents. They are nimble and can climb easily. These animals are highly adaptable and can adapt anywhere. They are omnivorous, which means they can eat both, a plant diet and a meat diet. So what attracts raccoons?


Raccoons scavenge for food and their agility lets them go everywhere. If there is anything edible in your yard, they will make their way in. Do you have fruit trees? Then you’re in for some heavy fortification otherwise nothing will keep these animals out of your house. Clear up any fallen berries and good regularly. If you are prone to raccoon infestation then never keep your garbage bags outside. Raccoons love garbage bags. Clean up any food left outside and feed your pet indoors to avoid attracting these raccoons. These animals are only looking for food, it is up to you to take the necessary steps to keep them out. Don’t try to clear raccoons out by yourself, they are very feral when they are cornered. Employ the services or a reputed raccoon removal houston so you can prevent any injuries. 

Areas frequented

Identify the areas where the raccoon goes often. There is definitely something that attracted it into your house and the raccoon will frequent that place often. Check the attic, the raccoon could have snuck there to wait for its next meal. If you have a pond, the raccoon may be having a fishy meal. Sometimes you may not be able to identify why the raccoon insists on making a home of your home. If you can’t pinpoint, it is best to call houston wildlife removal to help you deal with the problem. The moment you discover that your house has been breached, call for help.

Raccoon repellants

If you want to fortify your house against these intruders, you can always take a few measures yourself. Set up live raccoon traps where you think they can enter from, to keep them away. You can use sprays and pellets around the areas which attract raccoons. Remember that these animals are very persistent and may take several days before they associate the repellants with your house and leave you alone. 


Fortify your fence to keep these animals out. Raccoons are very flexible and agile. They can slide through small gaps in fences and climb them over too. Mend any holes in the fence and spray raccoon control all along the perimeter.

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