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10 Roofing Myths That You Should Not Believe




The roof of your home is something that you would probably take for granted unless some problems come up. Still, you should realize that it is one of the most important structural elements of your home. Thus, it becomes essential to know more about roofing requirements so that you can ensure longevity with timely repairs and replacement. There are some common misconceptions that you need to be aware about as well because you would not want to damage the roof due to misinformation. Let us list some common roofing myths that you should not believe.

Myth #1: No leaks means no problems

Do not be too happy if there are no visible leaks in your home’s roof because it may still need repairs. In fact, you need to be extra vigilant after the harsh winter months because this is the time when snow and ice can cause damage. Getting a professional inspection is recommended to identify the potential signs of damage on leak-prone areas of the roof. Even if leaks may not be visible, they might soon come up because of years of exposure to the elements.

Myth #2: You can re-roof over the existing shingles

If you think that you can cover the broken or cracked shingles to address the leaks, you may be doing more harm than good. Instead of effectively managing the damage, you will be creating new holes for fixing the new shingles over the old ones. Ultimately, this will be making the condition of your roof even worse. Rather than trying to save time and money by re-roofing over the existing shingles, get professional repair or replacement for the roof.

Myth #3: Flashing is easy to install

Another common myth that may tempt you to do some DIY with your roof is that you can easily install the flashing. Rather it is just the opposite and you should not risk improper installation because flashing plays a key role in keeping the roof watertight. Also, a single roof may need different types of flashing that are to be installed differently. The best way to get it done, therefore, is from a pro with the right experience.

Myth #4: All shingles are the same

For a layman, all shingles would be the same. However, there are different kinds of them, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. While asphalt is the most common one used for roofing, there are options like metal and slate to explore. Professional roofing companies Boise Idaho can guide you about choosing the ones that would be apt according to factors such as the size of your roof, the environmental conditions and your budget.

Myth #5: It is better to use more insulation

Homeowners are usually concerned about the energy bills, which is the reason they tend to over-insulate the attic to keep the home warm during winters and cool during summers. But this may not be a great idea from the roofing perspective because over-insulation may block the ventilation through the attic. Lack of ventilation can lead to mold growth and other issues, which could cause roof deterioration over a period of time.

Myth #6: You should wait for damage to occur

A misconception that you should not believe is that you should wait for damage to occur before option for roof repair or replacement. Although you may believe that annual inspections and regular maintenance are a wasteful expense, these are extremely important. Detecting leakages and weak areas can help you address them in time with minor repairs and save money on replacement. Further, it can prolong the lifespan of the roof.

Myth #7: Roofing is an easy DIY job

You may have heard several homeowners talking about their DIY skills with roofing but do not believe them. Roof repair is a complex task that needs to be done with great expertise. Botched DIY jobs can fail miserably and may have you ending up a lot more than you may have expected. Instead of trying to resolve roof issues by yourself, have it done by an experienced professional. A roofing job is a long-term investment on your home and you should not compromise with its quality.

Myth #8: New roofs do not need maintenance

Do not rest assured if you have bought a new home or just had a replacement of your roof because you still need to pay attention to its regular maintenance. New roofs are as much susceptible to damage as the older ones. So there is no reason that you should be less vigilant about the signs of damage or skip its annual inspection and maintenance. Being regular with its care is a guarantee that it will last longer.

Myth #9: Gutters have nothing to do with the roof

Another myth that you should not believe is that gutters and roofs are not related in any way. The fact, however, is that they work together to prevent water invasion in your home. While the roof keeps water from making its way inside, all of it goes directly into the gutters. Therefore, you should pay extra attention to the drip-edge and gutter seams. In case these are damaged or not installed properly, you could experience problems with the roof, gutters and foundation of your home.

Myth #10: Hiring a roofer can be expensive

If you think that hiring a professional roofer may dig a hole in your pocket, this is not true. Rather, you may end up saving in the long run even if you spend a little extra because professionals can detect the issues early and address them effectively as well. Even if they advise a complete replacement for your roof, it will be a value-addition to your property.

Now that the myths and misconceptions related to roofing are debunked, you will be in a better position to understand the significance of getting it done by experts. Find out about the best roofers in your area and consider their service quality and pricing before you decide the one that is best for your job.

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