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4 Things That You Should Keep In Mind When Buying A Rug




When it comes to style with utility, rugs are the best things to quote. These little textiles are easily ignored but yet adds a lot to your home. Have you ever wondered what kind of rug would suit you? Yes! Even selecting a rug could be considered a task. Just think about how a rug eases your life but at the same time beautifies your place. Here are 4 things that you should keep in mind when buying a rug:

What Size Do You Need?

You probably would not want to frustrate yourself over a large rug that you’ve bought which doesn’t fit your living area. Measure up the size of the place that you are planning to put a rug on. Rugs are available in all sizes. Get the best suited as per your requirement.

Shape Of The Rug.

With a number of different shapes that are available in the market, it is very easy to get confused. Select the shape that fits your utility perfectly. Do not go for absurd shapes if you are looking for a rug that is more to be useful than to beautify your place. You can also try getting a customized shape for you. There are many manufacturers that customize your rug as per your requirement.

Do Not Forget Your Style.

A rug can tell a lot about your taste and your style. The texture and design of the rug you buy will tell a tale of its own as long as you keep it. A darker faux rug is more likely to project elegance. Whereas a simple woven embroidered rug is more likely to be used by an executive. David Samad from says that when choosing a rug this winter, pick one that blends traditional design elements with modern color palettes. Your rug can be a fusion of modern designs and past trends.

What Type Of Rug Do You Want To Buy?

Depending on the manufacturing technique you can choose from four types of rugs.

  1. Tufted; with wool or cotton punched onto a woven solid piece of cloth, these rugs are easily found and quite inexpensive. They are very soft and have high dirt and water retention.
  1. Knitted; either knitted by hand or by machine, knitted rugs offer a high degree of stretchability. They are easily available in different shapes.
  1. Woven; the oldest form of rugs used from times immemorial. These rugs are made on looms. There are plenty of textures and designs available suiting your taste and style.
  1. Fleece or Fur; made from animal fur or faux fur, these are the softest rugs that you can find in the market. They do need some extra care. Super expensive to buy, these rugs are definitely elegant and add class to your living space.

Isn’t it amazing how these little textiles are so important and have so much of variety to offer? You probably would never have thought that a rug could be so much important. The next time you go out buying a rug, be sure to keep these points in mind and choose the rug that suits your comfort and style best.

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