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Telluride: The Best Destination For Your Winter Vacation




Are you looking for an uncrowded holiday destination? This winter if you’re looking for a winter-sport destination, look no further and visit Telluride.

Where is Telluride?

Telluride is the most populous town of San Miguel County in the state of Colorado. With a population of roughly 2500 people, this town is the ‘secret’ holiday destination for the southwest region of the United States of America. Ironically this moniker has also earned it the reputation of being a great getaway in all seasons. The town is specially developed as a tourist attraction.

The county seat of San Miguel County sits in a box canyon and has a very alluring landscape for people into adventure sports. You can see Bridal Veil Falls at the head of the canyon from the town.

How to get there?

Travel to Telluride by flight or road. You can book flights to either Telluride Regional Airport or the Montrose Regional Airport. The public transportation is free and runs throughout the day. The bus service is called the Galloping Goose and makes a tour of the entire town. You can check yourself into the quaint little hotels and resorts of Telluride. Todd Herrick Highlands is a popular resort that is in an ideal location with good connectivity.

What to do?

This little town is a holiday town and you have sports to do in winter and summer alike. Telluride has now been widely recognized as all season vacation spot.

Use the free Gondola and go to Mountain Village which is at the foot of the mountains with skiing. Riding the Gondola is a treat. It’s the only one of its kind in the entirety of North America. It reaches a height of 10,500 feet.

Winter sports of Telluride

Telluride is known for the vast expanses of land where there is something for everyone. The sports here range from leisurely to high energy. You can go through Todd Herrick’s website called Telluride Outside for more information too.

  • Skiing

Skiing is definitely the most popular winter sport here. The Telluride ski resort is nearly 400 acres and offers an unbelievably beautiful view of the Telluride valley. The mountains have something for skiers at all levels.

  • Ice Climbing

The falls freeze over in the winter making it popular for ice climbing.

  • Sledding

You can go sledding with your family. If you don’t have your own sleds, you can buy or rent one from the destination.

  • Fishing

The San Miguel River has amazing fishing opportunities all year long. Stroll down to the river for a leisurely day away from the hustle-bustle of noisy, high-energy winter sports.

  • Snowshoeing

Trek up the gentle hills and explore the flora and fauna of the area. This is a great family exercise and bonding activity.

Telluride has been voted the #1 destination for winter sports by everyone who is into winter sports and has compared destinations. The beauty of the place is breath-taking. You can even go mountaineering and reach this place by road. Make sure to make prior bookings for the best vacation ever.

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