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Reduce Waste When You Test Smarter for Pregnancy and Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy




Testing for ovulation and pregnancy have become the norm. But these home tests come with a lot of wasteful packaging that when not used at the right time is like throwing away money, and harms the environment. When you’re trying to conceive, you want to know right away whether it “worked” or not. Waiting two to three weeks can feel like an eternity. Most tests are very accurate, but only if you take them days after your missed period. They are not designed to test early for pregnancy. Taking a test at the right time can minimize confusion and help you determine more accurately if you’re carrying a baby or not.

Don’t Waste Pregnancy Tests When You Test at the Wrong Time

Some women try and test a week after they think they got pregnant. Unfortunately, this is the easiest way to get a false negative. False negatives with home pregnancy tests don’t mean you aren’t pregnant. They simply mean that there are not enough hormones for the test to yield a positive result. 

With normal home pregnancy tests, the instructions typically say to wait at least a few days past a missed period. If your period is irregular, this can be tricky. But try and wait to test until after the longest your cycle has gone in the past. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to document your cycle each month.

Some companies make early pregnancy tests that are more sensitive to low levels of hormones. You can take these tests up to 5 days before your expected next period start date. If you’re pregnant, they are more likely to show a positive result than traditional tests. They can detect very low levels of hCG which is made in utero by the growing baby. These are the best options if you want to try and test early without you wasting money on too many tests. 

When you’re trying to decide when to test for pregnancy, it’s important to invest in the right kind of tests for the timing you want. Pay attention to the brand you purchase and what levels of hormones they can detect.

Blood Tests Are More Accurate

Blood tests are much more accurate than urine tests but can only be done in a doctor’s office. If there is a reason for you to believe that you are pregnant, you may be able to get an hCG blood test. These can be especially helpful for women who know they may need extra hormonal help during pregnancy to avoid miscarriage. Early intervention with progesterone shots for high-risk women may help them carry their child to term. In addition to hormone supplements, there are dietary things that may also help women during their pregnancy.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Use Sustainable Prenatal Vitamins

Once you know you’re pregnant, most doctors advise their patients to take prenatal vitamins. This is because there are certain nutritional needs that pregnant women have beyond average. Taking sustainable and food based vitamins is good for your overall health and helps the planet. Pregnant women need folate, B vitamins, and more to ensure healthy development for their baby and to help reduce the possibility of nutrient deficiencies for themselves. 

Use Locally Grown Herbs That Are Pregnancy Safe

Did you know that some herbs have incredible benefits for health and fitness? And in pregnancy, these herbs can do things like improving blood flow, calm anxiety, improve sleep, and so much more. When women want to alleviate achy joints, they can use poultices with these herbs to reduce inflammation naturally.

Walk Around the Neighborhood Daily

Walking during pregnancy is an easy and safe exercise. While you can easily maintain your workouts early in your pregnancy, as your baby grows and your body changes, it’s important to stay active, but in ways that protect your joints and your baby. Taking a long walk around the neighborhood help you stay active during pregnancy which can help improve your recovery time after you give birth.

Rest as Much as Possible

Growing a baby is tiring. You will find yourself far more exhausted than usual and this means that resting is critical. Take naps when you can. Lay down and rest when you feel sore. Listening to your body is very important during pregnancy. If anything feels off, trust your instincts. You know your body best and it’s never a bad idea to get checked out if you think something is wrong.


Detecting your pregnancy early can help you get early medical care if you need it, and help you make healthy choices as soon as possible. When you know you’re trying to conceive, those early tests can help you celebrate more quickly than waiting until after a missed period.

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