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Waste Less When You Organize Your Home With These 6 Eco-Friendly Tips




One of the many ways that helps people be more mindful of sustainability is by staying organized. When your things are all over the place it’s hard to know the things you already have, what needs to go, and how to find what you need. But staying organized is easier said than done. With a little bit of know-how and setting aside time to organize your home, though, you’ll find that life becomes more stress-free and you have time to spend on other hobbies you enjoy or with your family. Let’s take a look at some easy ways to organize your home and, in turn, organize your life. 

Don’t Let Wasteful Habits Turn Into Clutter

While you may think that all those toys that don’t get played with and clothes that go unworn aren’t wearing on your mind – they are. Taking time to sell or donate clutter accumulated in your home is the first step to organizing your life. By getting the things that you don’t need or use out of your way, you can pare down and begin the process of organizing the items you and your family use on a routine basis. No one is saying you have to become a minimalist here, but knock out the clutter before you even think of organizing that junk drawer. 

Downsize Your Excess With Smaller Projects

Organization can feel overwhelming, and not everyone has the budget to hire a professional organizer – nor is that a thrifty idea in the first place. The easiest way to start your organizing journey is in small spaces. Take your jewelry box, for example – if you have twenty pairs of earrings but only wear your diamond studs and your dainty hoop earrings – you can declutter the rest and keep your jewelry more organized. It’s easier to find the pieces you love, like your hoop earrings and favorite bracelet. Another small area to start is your bathroom. How many types of deodorant or razors do you need? 

Color Coding Clothing 

Whether you want to organize your wardrobe by color or season, stick with coloring within the types of clothing. This makes finding your favorite red turtleneck a lot easier when you’re looking for it. Keeping your closet organized is eye-opening to how much clothing you own versus what you wear. When it comes to your dresser drawers, utilizing boxes to keep things separated helps. You don’t have to spend a fortune on matching organizational bins either. Look around your home and upcycle baskets and containers you already have – even shoeboxes work. 

Curated Kitchen 

If you look under most people’s counters, their pots and pans are in total disarray, and some of them are too worn or scratched for use. Donate the items you can’t use and organize kitchen utensils and appliances by type of use. When it comes to your refrigerator, use the drawers and sections that came standard with the fridge to store items appropriately. If you’re craving that curated, beautiful kitchen aesthetic, it could be worth it to invest in cabinet and refrigerator organizers. From raised shelving for your cabinets and color-coordinated containers to your refrigerator – these items are not only visually appealing, but they save you time when looking for things too. 

The Garage – Oh No! 

Garages become places where we store all of our “just in case” items. While there is nothing wrong with hanging onto things because you think you may need them in the future, make sure it’s easy to find them when and if you do need them. Holiday decorations should be in totes and bins that are clearly labeled and easily located. Keep items together – like sleds and other outdoor toys. All your beach equipment is kept together, and you get the idea. The garage, like an attic, can seem like something difficult to tackle, but after you put in the work, you’ll be grateful you did. 


Playrooms like garages can feel overwhelming. Most of us want to give our children all their heart’s desire – within reason. What happens is a massive accumulation of toys. Keep things organized through toy bins and shelving units that double as storage. There is nothing wrong with having a toy and fun-filled playroom but keep things manageable by keeping it organized. This is also a great way to get your kids on board with cleaning up. 

The organization takes time, don’t put a time limit on your process. While some people can accomplish it in hours or days, others will take months or longer. The objective is to simplify your life and decrease stress for you and your family – so don’t add stress with time constraints. By utilizing the ways mentioned earlier to get organized, you can stay organized. Here’s to your inner peace!

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