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Become a Green-Minded Consumer With These 5 Tips




When you have the planet in mind, it can get frustrating to shop for the things you need. You don’t want to buy things that damage the planet, but the stores carry items from all over the world. There are many ways to find and purchase eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and sustainable products. If savvy consumers take their time to learn a bit about these options, they can find what they need to shop with the environment in mind. 

Focus on Finding Energy Efficient Appliances

Power is a large part of what drives modern society, yet it can drain resources. Companies producing products and appliances that use energy have discovered their potential customers want to know they are purchasing a product that will save them money over time. Energy Star has become a standard way to identify products that meet this important consumer need. It can be found on the packaging, and it is often highlighted on websites where these products are sold. Taking a few additional minutes before purchasing to look for the Energy Star seal can save money over the long run.

Use Eco-Friendly Building Materials

While appliances do take the largest share of attention for energy savings, building materials have come a long way. Doors, windows, and insulation are also energy-rated. Earning the energy star is a measure of improved efficiency in keeping a house warm or cool throughout the year. The savings can add up quickly, and today’s consumers are willing to take the time to look for energy efficiency when building or remodeling their homes.

Invest in Ethically Sourced Products

There are several ways to measure the ethics behind manufacturing products. Many of the latest products on the market have been tested for their viability, ease of use, and even the source of the materials. Companies trying to attract consumers looking for ethically sourced products have several ways to get their message out.

Another way to practice mindful consumption is by switching to cruelty-free products. Today, more companies sell cruelty-free beauty supplies, from hair repair products to cosmetics, than ever before. These products have never been tested on animals, a pledge that has become the standard across the beauty industry. Products that don’t test on animals also tend to contain less harsh chemicals and toxins, making them an overall better choice for you and the environment.

Fair Wages for Labor

One more way ethics have come into play is how providers of raw materials are treated and paid for their work. The ability to purchase raw materials at a reduced price in small countries around the globe has often made products more affordable. The issue was that adult laborers were underpaid while child workers were abused and neglected. That has become an issue even the largest corporations are responding to. Consumers are willing to pay a little more for shoes and televisions to ensure workers earn a living wage and children aren’t exploited for profit.

Look for Sustainability

There are limits to the resources we depend on for civilization to thrive. Many people now pay closer attention to how sustainable a product is during production. The ways this can be viewed are many, and they often begin with items created from plants and animals. Another measure would be the manufacturing process. Shipping may be a concern of some, and the viability of using certain raw materials could be another issue of concern.

It takes energy to create products, which includes growing them, harvesting, turning raw materials into finished products, and how they are packed and shipped. When it comes to energy use, the expenses can add up quickly. Some companies have found it pays to find sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar to power at least part of their manufacturing process. Savvy consumers may take the time to look at that before making a purchase.

The growth of plants might seem like sustainability is built into the equation, yet it can be an issue. The past has been fraught with examples of companies using dangerous pesticides and planting techniques that damaged the land and the products. Today’s consumer should look for a statement of how the plants were grown to determine if sustainability was part of the process. Planting without pesticides or clear-cutting land is often something companies are willing to advertise on their website. They know consumers see it as a step in the right direction.

Consumers today are more aware of what goes into creating the items prominent in their lives, so being mindful when shopping can make a significant difference in many parts of the world. These are just five ways to do that while making essential purchases.

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