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Turning a Boring Backyard Into a Beautiful Oasis




Most backyards come in the form of empty slates. New homeowners find a square or rectangle of fenced-in grass behind their house and either decide to leave it that way or make changes.

While there’s nothing wrong with a classic backyard with plenty of room to play, many families want more out of their outdoor living space. Depending on the size of the yard, there may be room for changes without losing out on the fun and freedom of open green space.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at eight ways you can turn a boring backyard into a beautiful oasis:


A shaded place to sit and relax is an essential component of any backyard oasis. An outdoor picnic table with an umbrella is more than enough for some folks. For others, hosting outdoor gatherings calls for additional seating options and greater emphasis on the layout. Regardless of your ambitions, it’s worth it to opt for durable outdoor seating that stands up to the elements. From fade-resistant fabrics to rust-proof metal components, skip the discount backyard furniture and go for options that last for years.


Who doesn’t love the smell of summer barbecue? Families are encouraged to feature a grill in their backyard. Whether fueled by charcoal or propane, the important thing is to get the right size. Timing is everything with food, and the right size will make it easier to prepare barbecue for your family without overloading the grill and slowing down cooking times. Families with extra space and bigger budgets may consider having outdoor kitchens built. Doing so means less risk of fire indoors and an easier time with the cleanup while providing a wonderful space for friends and family to enjoy each other’s company.


The best way to turn a boring backyard into a beautiful oasis is to hire professional landscapers and have them transform the green space on your behalf. Chances are you can do a quick search for “landscaping services near me” and find several suitable options. While it’s possible for homeowners to do the landscaping themselves, the more ambitious and extravagant your plans, the more likely you’ll need the pros to get it done right.


From pleasant-smelling flowers to fresh fruit and hearty vegetables, there’s tremendous potential in backyard gardening. Moreover, rows of crops and carefully curated flora can turn a simple backyard into a beautiful hive of organic activity and nutritional resources. However, aspiring gardeners must research the right ways to tend to the plants they hope to grow. This starts with finding out which options work in your climate and which don’t.


There’s something about the sound of running water that calms the mind and relaxes the body. With this in mind, consider installing a birdbath or other type of water fountain in your backyard. Combined with an existing landscape design, a signature fountain can serve as a visual stunner as well as an audible unwinder.


Added privacy can turn a backyard into a sanctuary. However, check local regulations before having privacy fencing built around your property. Many communities enforce building codes with strict limits on the type of fence homeowners can erect on their property. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands on a fence only to be forced to take it down later.


From swimming pools to tennis courts, there’s a lot of recreational potential in a backyard with a lot of spare room. However, the costs associated with these and other recreational installations are some of the highest you’ll see when comparing various backyard enhancement projects. Don’t greenlight anything unless you’re confident your family will use what you build.


Many homeowners are choosing to use their backyards to reintroduce nature to the neighborhood. From backyard birding to natural landscaping techniques, there are several ways to make your backyard more friendly to wildlife and native plant species.

Rather than view a flat and featureless backyard as the standard, consider it the baseline. Such a space is a blank canvas for homeowners to use as they see fit. From immaculate landscaping to recreational retrofitting to a natural approach to your green space, the options are practically endless!

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