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Energy-Efficient Upgrades Home Buyers Can Appreciate




Are you putting your home on the market for sale? Although it may seem simple, getting a buyer to make an offer, let alone take an interest in your property, is a multi-faceted process. As buying a house is a life-changing decision, you must present a residence that speaks to potential buyers’ financial, functional, and aesthetic needs. While there are several approaches to accomplishing these goals, making home improvements is high on the list. 

The right upgrades and renovation can enhance a property’s health, safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. It says to buyers that they can move in without investing a lot of time, money, or energy into making it a home. Property updates draw in audiences, stand out against the competition, and ultimately increase your profit. The biggest issue is selecting the right upgrades.

Popular Energy-Efficient Improvements

If you’re unsure which upgrades are best to sell your property, consider some of these energy-efficient options listed below. 

Install A New Roof

The roof is designed to protect your home’s interior while providing shelter from weather elements. It also plays a significant role in the health and safety of residential occupants by improving air quality, preventing mold buildup, and reducing the presence of rodents. If it’s been more than 20 years since you’ve had your roof replaced, it’s a great place to start. Some of the most energy-efficient options include asphalt, metal, tile, and solar panel roofing materials. 

New Insulation

Most people aren’t aware that insulation deteriorates and loses efficiency over time. As insulation is responsible for regulating temperatures and adding comfort to the home, it’s an improvement you don’t want to overlook. 

For instance, a poorly insulated property in a city with intense heat, such as Phoenix, AZ, will result in the need to crank up the air conditioner (increasing your energy bill and carbon footprint). Ideally, you’d want to hire a Phoenix insulation removal company to dispose of and install new insulation throughout the house. 

HVAC Upgrades

Using the heating and cooling system in the home accounts for about 40% of your energy bill. Yet, regulating the temperature in your living space to increase comfort is a modern convenience that homeowners have come to appreciate. If you want to attract buyers to your property, upgrading the HVAC system could do the trick. 

You can stick to affordable changes like installing a smart thermostat or replacing outdated parts. However, the most lucrative and attractive option is to upgrade the system altogether. Newer models are more efficient and save homeowners money on energy bills, maintenance, and repair costs. 

Eco-Friendly Paint

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to improve the aesthetic appeal of a living space. It’s also one of the most affordable renovations to consider when selling a home. Apply eco-friendly paint instead of traditional paint options packed with harmful chemicals. It’s free of Volatile Organic Compounds, which have been proven to have long and short-term effects on your health and the environment. 

Energy-efficient paint options can also help absorb or reflect heat and water for better temperature control. If you’re worried about compromising style, you’ll be pleased to know that there are eco-friendly paints in a variety of colors and finishes to suit your needs. 

Access To Natural Light

While lighting technologies have advanced over the years to improve efficiency, natural light is still the best choice for the environment and your health. If the property you’re trying to sell is typically dark, the right renovations can provide more access to sunlight that saves buyers money, reduces energy consumption, and improves aesthetic appeal. Installing large windows, skylights, and glass sliding doors lets the sunlight in while boosting mood and reducing the need to keep lights on during the day.
Home improvements and renovations are often recommended practices for selling a home in today’s real estate market. They increase the property’s value and attract more buyers while improving health, safety, aesthetics, function, and comfort. If you’re having trouble deciding which renovations will prove most advantageous, consider the energy-efficient solutions provided above to create a living space buyers can enjoy for years to come.

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