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Benefits Of Having The Surfaces Of Your Wood Floor Restored




What gives your classic room completion is the wooden floor and what truly makes the floor stand out is its polish. A nice thin layer of polish can simply transform the way your wood looks and enhance the textures and lines on it, giving a classic feel to it.

On the other side, polish done imperfectly can cause the floor to lose its beauty as well. This is why the polish and the technique used has to be carefully selected so as to modify the floor in a positive manner.

There are a few categories into which the wood polishing methods are divided into based on the type of protection it offers. Some can be simply dissolved using the base liquid it was formed from and get removed easily. Some others are harder to remove and will require an external agent like air or chemicals to help remove of the polish. Hence the second type of polish is considered to give a significantly stronger layer of protective coating to your wooden floor.

While there are several reasons that may lead your floor to require restoration, Christoff van der Merwe from Major Oak Polishing says that dragging chairs or furniture is a leading cause of damaged wood floors. In this article, let’s explore the different types of polishes available in the market and discuss their advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose easily.

Advantages of polishing your wooden floors

There are several benefits to having your floors polished every few years. Here are a few advantages to encourage you to do so.

  • Hardiness: Polishing can reduce wear and tear and also increase the longevity of your wooden flooring. The polish acts as a barrier between scratches as it acts as a barrier surface.
  • Stain resistance: As the polish acts as a barrier, it protects the flooring from any spilled hot coffee or anything similar.
  • Beat the allergies: If you have breathing problems such as asthma, opting for wooden flooring reduces any dust flow and ensures the air stays clean and healthy.
  • Appearance: Polishing can give your floors a new face and let them shine. It additionally reduces scratches and glitches on the surface as well, giving you all the more reason for regular polishing.

Wax Polish

Wax polish is a type that is highly preferred by workers due to the reason that it gives a glossy finish to the surface while being affordable simultaneously. This polish has its solvent as turpentine oil and is an amalgamation of wax and the solvent. The wax used can be carnauba wax, beeswax or paraffin as well.

The advantage of wood wax is the fact that it has a very simple application process and the result it produces will be significantly visible. The coating done is also low friction and hence dust will not settle on it and destruct the shine of the furniture. It is also chosen due to the ease of maintenance of the polish.

French polish

When the floor requires more gloss, the French polish technique is adapted. A mixture of shellac dissolved in an absorbent solvent, it is highly useful when it comes to polishing ornamental figures such as circles. This polish is also applied as several coats.

The biggest advantage of French polish is the fact that it holds a lot more shine and finesse as compared to wax while remaining economic. They polish can be done easily and can be cleaned easily with a soft cloth.

Melamine polish

Melamine polish strengthens the surface and makes it more durable and increases the resistivity. It offers a cellulose finish which is paired with a sealer.

This polish is not only extremely durable, but it is also water resistant in nature causing fewer chances for damage. To clean it, all you have to do is run a cloth over the surface and the luster will be restored. It can also act as a layer of protection and the filing is harder and does not come off easily.

PU polish

A polish that can be used on the interior and exterior units of furniture, it is sprayed on to the surface. It gives a glossy and lustrous effect to the surface of the product giving it a fine finish. This polish comes in 3 forms which are gradients of the gloss factor.

This polish won’t smell and has an unmatched glossy finish and hence PU polish is one of the most superior techniques of polish you can select for your wooden flooring to have a long and healthy life.

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