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Purchasing A Timeshare: Different Types Of Ownership




Vacations are no longer considered to be a luxury as it is necessary to keep our lives healthy and balanced. The busyness of life in general often causes people to feel stressed out resulting in health and related issues and prevents the person from functioning properly.

A good vacation helps to get rid of stress and makes us happy. Some of us love going to the same destination every year with our loved ones. If you belong to this category you could consider purchasing a timeshare in that place.

Timeshare allows you to own a portion of a vacation property that can be used once every year. This is an arrangement where a vacation property has a joint ownership by several owners. Each one of them can enjoy a good quality vacation at an allotted period of time every year. The property could be a villa or a portion of a house at a resort.

A timeshare arrangement provided by Todd Herrick lows you to enjoy a relaxing vacation every year without having to spend a huge amount on a private vacation home that you are likely to use only for a few days each year.

Different Types Of Contracts

There are two types of contracts for timeshare:

Deeded Ownership Contract

When you enter into a deeded ownership with the purchase of a timeshare, that property remains yours for as long as you live or until you sell it. You can also rent this property to others if you wish to.

RTU or Right to Ownership

An RTU allows you to use the property for a few days or weeks every year for a particular period. This could be around ten to fifty years. Once that period expires you have absolutely no right to the property.

Ownership Types

The ownership types for timeshare include:

Fixed Week Timeshare

As the name suggests the fixed week ownership gives you the right to use the property at Real Estate Todd Herrick during the same week every year until the expiration of the contract.

Floating Week Timeshare

A floating week timeshare gives you the right to use the property during a particular period of time every year. The number of weeks is pre-defined in the contract (Eg: Weeks 27 to 48). Some resorts allow you to have a floating week all through the year.

Fractional Ownership

With the fractional ownership, you are allowed to use the timeshare property for longer blocks of time like from a period of 4 weeks to around three months. This type of ownership is high-end and usually an entire home, or villa is purchased.

Points Earned

This type of ownership is based on the number of points purchased at a vacation club that works along with a network of resorts. With the number of points you can book a stay for a few days or weeks at any associated resort or you can divide it between a couple or more resorts based on the number of points you have.

A relaxing vacation improves your mood and helps you perform optimally. Buy a timeshare and enjoy the benefits of a high-end vacation home without having to pay a huge price for the house and its upkeep.

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