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Top Four Best-Selling Suburbs in Perth for 2018




The Perth suburban property market is a promising realty investment feat in Western Australia that is soon catching up because of easy accessibility to the city center, employment opportunities, family-friendly neighborhoods, and infrastructural developments in the areas.

Whether you are planning to buy a property or just make an investment, we recommend the following suburbs because of their growth potential.

This sprawling suburb located at the proximity of 8 km from the Perth CBD, recorded a total of 261 house sales within a year in May 2018. The median house price in this area is approximately $ 6 million with a growth rate of 0.2 percent. Offering amazing city views at homes costing between $1 million and $2 million, this laid-back suburb is promising in terms of infill redevelopment and innovation. The Dianella Educational Precinct offers schooling and career opportunities to the local community. Dianella’s modest post-war dwellings and double-storey homes offer enough temptation to move into this suburb. 

  1. Wembley Downs

Spanning over 4.4 km2, the north-western Perth suburb Wembley Downs is located at around 10 km from Perth CBD. Named after a local golf course, this area has all the requisite amenities like shops, schools, parks, plus the Floreat and City beach. Local sports clubs are aplenty, while there is a gamut of restaurants to choose from. The average median house price comes up to $10.3 million approximately. This upscale suburb is currently a dweller’s dream destination in Western Perth according to many leading home and lifestyle solutions companies in Australia like Novus Homes.

  1. Morley

With a recent sales record of 308 houses in twelve months, Morley offers easy accessibility to the airport as well as the Perth CBD area that are within 10 km. Being a very affordable area, it has many real-estate enthusiasts’ interests vested in it. The median price for a house is approximately $5 million with a recent drop of more than 4% in the past year. With the Centro Galleria commercial shopping center and the Morley Recreation Centre to its credit, Morley is slowly kicking in to garner attention among the top suburbs in Perth.

  1. Clarkson

This northern Perth suburb is situated 34 km away from the city center. The sales analysis in May 2018 revealed that 204 houses were sold in twelve months owing to the exponential local population growth. The median house price was $3.8 million in May 2018. The major public transport hub and railway line at Clarkson make easy connectivity possible. Somerly and Catalina are the key commercial and residential estates here. The amenities include Ocean Keys Shopping Center, a large strip of eateries, ten parks, Clarkson Youth Center, skate parks, BMX tracks, Clarkson library, telephone exchanges, and more.

The Bottom Line

These suburbs are well-suited for new home buyers, real estate development, budget-home buyers, and laid-back dwellers because of the home affordability factor, distance from the city center, local amenities, and the overall quality of living.

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