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Useful tips to make moving easier




Anybody who has had the experience of moving houses, can confirm that moving can be the most stressful and nerve- wracking experience. Moving itself is a big change in life; dealing with that change along with the hectic planning and packing can get very messy. As you have so much of stuff in the house, especially if you are a big family, it is natural to be confused about what to take and what things to leave. But this process does not have to be traumatic. Only if you decide in your heart to make this big change of yours, enjoyable rather than being miserable about it. It can become less stressful if you are well-organised and plan the moving in an efficient manner.

Here are some useful tricks which will help you to make the process of moving easier and less stressful:

  • Make to do list: This to-do list or the information binder is the base of your moving and should be made in such a manner that it saves all the mess and confusion that is usually created during this course. Describe in this list the number and name of items that you are taking along. You can make this list in an alphabetical order or room wise, whatever feels comfortable to you. Make sure that every little thing is mentioned on this list- all the big and small stuff from bedrooms, wardrobes, bathrooms, living room and kitchen.
  • Prioritize your stuff: No matter how old we get, there is still so much stuff that we always hold on to but never use. Some of these might be from good memories, but you are entering a new phase to make new memories, so this is a perfect time to dump the useless stuff and take just the essentials with you.
  • Start early: Packing is not the job of one day, and to avoid last minute hassles, you should start the packing early. You can start with the stuff that is not required by you on the daily basis. Things like non-seasonal clothing, old books and old toys and every other thing that are usually placed in storages. Being lazy can lead to you procrastinating and eventually nothing gets done on time, which may lead you to forget few important things or make things very messy.
  • Arrangement of boxes: Though the boxes will be a waste after moving, but you can do nothing about it as it the most required thing for moving. But rather than buying them, boxes can sometimes be easily arranged from any departmental stores, you can also take them from a friend or relative who have just moved. Bubble wrap is another essential for packing. It prevents any breakage and also helps to stabilize all the stuff in the boxes, and keeps them from hopping here and there in the box during the transportation.
  • Label the boxes: Labelling the boxes properly will help you immensely while unpacking. It will make the process of unpacking quite convenient, as It will help you to know which boxes are important for you to open first, that is the stuff we use regularly; and which ones can be left for later. Also, there are many instances where you have to pack and unpack things number of times when and if you need few things instantly. So to avoid the chaos by opening every box, it is much easier if you have labelled the boxes beforehand.
  • Don’t worry about leaving things behind: Usually worries hover over us during the packing process. The biggest worry of them all is leaving things behind which are too heavy to carry, but are very precious to our heart as well in terms of money. There is a fear of damage for such heavy things. So we cannot just ask any moving transportation company to move these things for us as they can be very careless. One should opt for company like Piano Removalists Perth with years of experience and assurance of trust and responsibility. Precious things like piano and pool table are transferred or can even be stored with safety and responsibility.
  • Stay calm and fresh: Losing temper and freaking out are the most common symptoms of the moving anxiety. These outbursts can be showered on your children or spouse. If you start planning early and take your time to organise things, there will never be any need to worry. Don’t disturb your sleeping pattern as lack of sleep can slow you down and create more anxiety. So calm down and remember this important rule: “Ask for help whenever needed. You cannot do everything alone.”
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