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Heating System Checks – Some Important Basics




With the onset of winter, it is time to get your home and workplace heating checked. The last thing you need when the temperatures go sub-zero is a broken furnace or bad heating. The energy bills are also expected to rise as the mercury drops so some maintenance now can save you hundreds of dollars.

Follow a basic checklist to ensure that your heating is working fine. If it is not, you will need to call in the experts to evaluate it and get it fixed. HVAC professionals like Zipf-Air are known for their prompt and comprehensive service. Here are the heating system issues to watch out for as the seasons change.

Thermostat And Furnace Check

In the cold season, you will be using your heating system continuously. It is important that you identify any possible weak areas and breakdowns before they occur later. Start the heater and get a temperature reading. The HVAC professional can analyze your thermostat accuracy and functionality. The thermostat should be able to give a correct temperature reading.

As part of the furnace maintenance, there are a few important steps. Are your burners clean? Are the safety switches working? The blower motors also need to be inspected and cleaned or lubricated if that is necessary. Furnace fan belts too are prone to breaking. An HVAC technician can inspect them for any signs of wear and tear like cracking.

Air Filters

Dirty air filters can reduce the flow of air and cause your system to stress to increase heat output. In the long run, you will suffer from higher energy costs and inconsistent heating. The clogged or dirty air filter will also lead to more equipment damage and even failure of the entire heating apparatus. Get an expert to come and inspect your heating system. You will also learn whether your filters need replacement or they just need cleaning. Air filters that are clogged with soot, dust, and other pollutants can also affect the quality of air inside the home and lead to serious breathing problems.

Important Parts Of Your Heating Furnace

When a heating check is done at home, it always helps to get familiar with the different common parts of the system. Air filters and nozzles need to be maintained properly to ensure that the heat is flowing into the living areas. A thermocouple is a simple but crucial device that measures the temperature and the wiring and ductwork also forms an important part of the heating system. Wiring is prone to get worn out with time so if your home heating equipment is old, a rewiring might be a good idea.

Home Safety

Apart from checking the fire hazard features of your heating system, another very important part of a maintenance check is the carbon monoxide reading. Carbon monoxide poisoning is lethal so there should be no compromise in your safety checks. New heating systems have a detector and you need to ensure that it is functional.

Get An Overhaul

A new heating system is a good idea because you will enjoy better technology (digital smart thermostats) with improved safety features. Additionally, new furnaces are more energy-efficient so you save thousands of dollars in the long run. You can get financing for a new heater so it won’t be so hard on your pocket.

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