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keeping belongings safe in a tiny house keeping belongings safe in a tiny house


Essential Tips for Keeping Your Belongings Safe in a Tiny House

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Living in a tiny house carries a lot of appeal. It’s a more affordable way to live, and you can also reduce your carbon footprint in the process. It is no surprise that tiny houses are the dream homes for many people.

The popularity of tiny homes is picking up too. Even the largest housebuilders are making moves here, helping first-time buyers get on the property ladder more smoothly.

Still, many people will undoubtedly have concerns. Residents of these abodes may feel somewhat vulnerable and worry about keeping their few, yet often more precious belongings, safe.

If you’re experiencing some of these reservations yourself, read on after the jump. You’ll find some tips on keeping all your goods safe. You will learn why tiny houses are one of the biggest green building trends and how to make living in one a comfortable reality.

Invest in Wheel Locks and GPS

Tiny homes are often mobile, which means if you’re not careful, you risk losing more than just one or two expensive items. Theoretically, somebody could tow your home and make off with everything you own.

To prevent this, invest in secure wheel locks. They’re not complicated to feature at all, and they can be bought for an affordable sum. Not only will they stop a theft in progress, but they’re also highly visible and can serve as a deterrent as well. A person can only remove wheel locks with the correct key or with tools, time, and a willingness to make a lot of noise and get caught.

If your wheel locks are bypassed while you’re out, it’s important to have a backup safety measure. Smartly place a state-of-the-art GPS inside your abode ahead of time. Hide it well. That way, should your home be stolen, you can quickly pass its location onto the police, who will handle the situation from there.

Implement Usual Security Measures

When you live in a tiny house, it’s easy to think that you must undertake many ‘quirkier’ measures to keep your belongings safe. However, it’s worth remembering that the basics of keeping your home secure will still work well.

For example, you can:

  • Lock doors securely and close your blinds.
  • Leave lights on to make it look like somebody is home.
  • Install CCTV cameras to deter trespassers.
  • Light up the surrounding area for increased visibility outdoors.
  • Ask any neighbours to watch over your tiny home.

Never forego the basics of home security. Try to value your tiny home just as much as you would a regular-sized one. It may even be helpful to review crime rates in your local area and implement additional measures should they be high. Ask your network if they have any anecdotal evidence of tiny home burglaries. It can all be insightful information you can use.

Use Personal Storage

Tiny homes can be crowded with clutter very quickly. In these situations, you may find yourself struggling to move or even knocking things over, causing damages yourself.

Consider investing in a personal storage unit with Safestore. You can use these solutions for a multitude of reasons, from decluttering to stashing items of furniture. They also have a range of storage discounts for some key workers, so it may be worth browsing those offers as well. Unit sizes vary substantially, so there’s no item you can’t store here.

Living in a tiny home means you need to focus on functionality first and comfort and aesthetics second and third in many cases. Space economy is vital, so make sacrifices where necessary as the number of your belongings evolves through the years. You can always bring things back out of your personal storage unit when circumstances change.


Securing your belongings in a tiny home can actually be relatively easy. Make sure you have the right equipment and services at your disposal. A healthy dose of common sense wouldn’t go amiss either. Remain vigilant and proactive, and be creative. The entire point of tiny homes is doing a lot with a little, so expand on that mindset somewhat as you bolster your home’s security.

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