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8 Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

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An eco-friendly house doesn’t demand high-tech gadgets and a lot of money. You can have a healthy indoor environment with some easy lifestyle modifications. These little environmentally friendly efforts in your home can make a big difference in the outside world.

With few green adoptions, you can decrease landfill waste, make the air pollution-free, and help preserve the natural landscape. To double these positive impacts, involve your family and continue these eco-friendly practices to dwell in a better living space.

Let’s make these ten minor modifications in your home for a more eco-friendly environment!

1. Smart Meter

Heating is the primary source of utilizing more energy, especially in the winter season, as you let the heat on for longer than required. That results in wasting both energy and your money. The best way to avoid over-usage is to install a smart meter in your home. You can adjust these smart meters so that they turn the heat on at a particular time only. For instance, it begins to heat up before you arrive home or shuts down half an hour before you go to work. Smart meters help you reduce your carbon footprint and also decrease your electricity bills.

2. Get Professional Cleaning Services

To maintain the cleanliness and appealing look of your home, you might need a helping hand. Why not ask a cleaning expert to help you make an eco-friendly house? Well, a cleaning professional will help you maintain an eco-friendly environment by recycling, reusing, and finding ways to conserve more energy than consumption. Suppose you are considering hiring a pro for home cleaning. In that case, Networx leads have a wide range of qualified professionals that you can trust. Also, these experts can guide you on how to practice these things and help promote an environmentally friendly culture inside your home.

3. Turn to Energy Efficient Lights

Turning to more energy-efficient lights can make a big difference. It will save you electricity and make your living space more environmentally friendly. Incandescent light bulbs seem tempting but using LED bulbs instead is always a better alternative. The LED light bulbs are eco-friendly, last longer, and save some bucks in the long run. Ultimately, it is the best option to invest in more energy-efficient light bulbs to eliminate the need to spend money to replace them.

Furthermore, solar panels are a must-have feature for your eco-wise home. It provides entirely clean electricity and sometimes generates enough energy that you can sell to the grid stations. Investing in solar panels is a long-term plan and an excellent opportunity to live in an eco-friendly environment.

4. Decorate Your Home with Houseplants

Growing houseplants is an effective way for air-cleaning your home. They can make your living space look attractive and welcoming for all. A little care towards them can let them thrive excellently. Some must-have houseplants include the China doll plant, Spider plant, Peace lily, and Boston ferns.

Furthermore, most people consider making their herb gardens in homes. Herbs can grow in small areas and won’t demand much of your home space. They can grow in small planters, and you can keep them indoors as well. Place them near sunny windows as they love bright indirect sunlight. The most significant advantage of owning an herb garden is having fresh herbs anytime you want to complement the dishes you love.

5. Window Treatments

Besides keeping your nosy neighbors far away, the blinds and curtains can also help maintain the indoor environment. In the summer season, your home can heat up even more as the sunlight directly strikes it. If you have a tree outside your home, it will create protection against the sun, but if not, you have to think of other options. Try to keep all your windows perfectly closed and guard them with curtains and blinds to prevent the hot air from creeping inside your rooms. Also, they can help you maintain the indoor temperature and create an eco-friendly environment in your home.

6. Be Watchful in the Kitchen

Always use sustainable kitchen products in your home. Many people who love toasted bread use the oven instead of a toaster to do so. However, they might not know that a toaster is much more efficient to buy and can use less energy than an oven. Also, it will get your job done much faster. While using the oven, you must take care because if you leave the door open after cooking or baking anything in it, it could heat your entire kitchen.

Similarly, coffee lovers who use pod coffee makers should turn to drip coffee makers. Using pods is not environment friendly, but you only require ground coffee with a drip coffee maker. Finally, you need to properly store your food and ensure it is not wasted at all. Try to learn a meal plan to help get an organized and eco-friendly kitchen all the time.

7. Get Epoxy Garage floor

An epoxy flooring requires significantly fewer chemicals while cleaning your garage, and it is cost-effective and eco-friendly. There are two different organic epoxy floorings available. One contains organic resins, and the other is natural marble with zero solvents. Organic epoxy floorings are among the greenest floors.

8. Use Cold Water to Wash Your Clothes

Set your washing machine on cold water mode. That will help you reduce excessive CO2 emissions and allow your clothes and bedding in excellent condition for a long time. Washing your clothes in hot water will deteriorate their fabric, making them look less vibrant than before and fade their colors. If your clothes get stubborn oil stains that won’t go with cold water, you can set your washing machine on hot water mode. After removing the stain, turn the settings again to the cold-water mode for further washing your clothes. It is a more efficient way energy-wise, but hot water setting is still on top for better cleaning for stubborn stains.


In correcting an environment full of pollution, we all can contribute a little effort to make a difference. You spend most of your time in your home, and making it a better space to live in is also your prime responsibility. Adopt changes in your life that are more eco-friendly, like cutting down excessive use of energy-generating items and turning towards more efficient ones. That will make an excellent overall environment.

Have some inspiration about going green in all aspect of life. Views are my own.

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