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4 Types of Rock Crushers to Acquire for Your Green Building Project

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With the increasing need to conserve the environment, many people are now shifting to green structures. Nowadays, you can spot multiple sustainable buildings featuring materials like bamboo, cork, reclaimed wood, natural stones and more.  Stones are quite popular; they are natural materials and are renowned for their strong nature. However, to build using stones, you need stone crushers to break them down into desirable pieces.

You need to choose the right rock crushers if you are working on an environmentally friendly building project. You will want a rock crusher that is energy efficient and doesn’t leave as much of a mess for the environment. You will have an easier time finding an eco-friendly rock crusher if you know what to look for when doing your due diligence.

What are the stages of rock crushing?

There are various types of rock crushers. Your choice will depend on the kind of rock and the coveted rock sizes. Also, the rocks will undergo multiple crushing stages to reduce them to the desired shapes and consistency.

For some structures, primary crushing may be enough, but you may require intense crushing for some buildings. Also, you may need a portable rock crusher or stationary crushing plant, depending on the duration of your project.

 The common stages are;

  • Primary crushing
  • Secondary crushing
  • Tertiary crushing

What are the different rock crushers?

Rock crushers come in all manner of styles. The compression style jaw and the cone crushers are pretty common. They fit in different construction sites and crushing stations. The types of rock crushers to acquire for your green building project depend on the rock sizes, variety, rock hardness, and output. Examples are;

1. Jaw crushers

These are blunt appliances and are commonly used for primary crushing. They are also referred to as rock breakers and can easily break up larger and harder rocks into more manageable pieces. They are helpful in crushing building stones and are also ideal for crushing many other materials. What’s more? These crushers are strong enough and won’t show wear and tear and other style rock crushers. They also generate minimal amounts of dust and fine materials.

2. Gyratory crushers

These are larger crushing machines and are used for crushing building stones to varying hardness levels. They feature a cone-shaped head and a concave surface, and they crush materials by compression. These devices are used for both primary and secondary crushing.

3. Cone crushers

These crushers work by compression and can reduce building materials by squeezing and breaking them apart. They feature a rotating mantle and a concave bowl resembling that of the gyratory crusher. However, the crushing chamber isn’t steeply angled as with a gyratory crusher. They can be used to crush medium-hard to abrasive stones, whether wet or dry. 

4. Impact crushers

Impact stone crushers are ideal for less abrasive rocks like limestone. They feature horizontal shaft impactors and break apart materials using wear parts referred to as blow bars and impact plates. The common type of these crushers is the impact style crusher. That’s not all, though! Impact crushers are cost-effective pitons for many builders. They are ideal for natural stones and will round off sharp and weak edges to produce a more sand-like nature.

In summary

Green buildings are a great way of conserving the environment. However, you need to carefully follow all of the best green building practices to build them.

There are various rock crushers that you can use in your green project. No matter your choice, acquire the devices from reputed manufactures or vendors. By so doing, you can be sure of quality equipment and parts.

Have some inspiration about going green in all aspect of life. Views are my own.

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