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Renovation Insights to Increase the Resale Value of Eco-Friendly Homes

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There are a lot of things that eco-friendly homeowners need to take into consideration. You are probably thinking about how you can reduce the carbon footprint of your home and be more environmentally friendly.

However, there are other issues that you have to think about other than just making your home eco-friendlier. You must also think about other issues that apply to all homeowners.

One of the factors that eco-friendly homeowners have to keep in mind is the resale value of their property. This is something they consider when building the property, but they must also pay attention when upgrading and maintaining it as well. You may find that there are ways that you can renovate the property to increase its value, which will be especially important if you are trying to sell it. You can use sustainable renovation tips to accomplish this. But before you start, you might want to test your home for asbestos to avoid health hazards during renovation.

Eco-Friendly Renovation Tips to Increase the Value of a Green Home

All eco-friendly homeowners want to do their best to keep their houses in excellent shape. There are some obvious environmental benefits of renovating your property. You can make it more energy efficient with a lot of renovation strategies, which helps lower your carbon footprint and lowers energy costs.

However, there are also more practical benefits to keep in mind. Not only does this improve your standard of living, but it helps you prepare for the future. Maintaining high resale value is an essential part of being a homeowner, even if you don’t plan to sell in the foreseeable future. Renovations are some of the best ways you can keep upgrading your house and boosting its value. However, even when it comes to renovations, some can hurt your home’s value rather than increase it. These renovations may cost a lot but may not give you much in return. However, other upgrades can boost your resale value exponentially.

If you’re interested in learning more about the best and the worst renovations for your eco-friendly home, keep reading below. You will learn how to help the environment and improve the value of the property at the same time.

Best: updating insulation

Updating your insulation may seem like a minor upgrade. However, it makes a huge difference when it comes to boosting your resale value and your comfort.

Improving the insulation is also obviously important for making your property more energy efficient. This will lower your carbon footprint and help protect the planet.

Over the years, your insulation can get damaged and need intensive repairs. In addition, having old insulation can bring a host of issues. For starters, it can make your home much more susceptible to developing mold and mildew and suffering from pest infestations. Furthermore, you might notice strange smells around the house, coupled with temperature regulation issues.

Opting for insulation removal is the best option in such cases. Professional removers can help protect your belongings adequately during the process by moving your furniture to a safe, protected location. Furthermore, they can walk you through the whole process and give you an estimate after a free inspection. Getting insulation removal can make your home infinitely more comfortable and can help you elevate resale value. Insulation is one of the first factors potential buyers assess. Having new insulation can send your home’s resale value skyrocketing.

Best: open floor plan

Having an open floor plan is easily one of the most attractive features for any buyer. An interconnected, open space can seem more inviting than a closed-off, boxy space. A wide-open space can give potential buyers more room to experiment and arrange the place as they see fit. Furthermore, it can make space seem more welcoming, as you can get more natural light streaming through the area. Besides, knocking down some walls can be excellent for homes on the smaller side. And, it can create the illusion that the floor plan is much bigger than it is, which is always a plus.

However, it’s essential to have some definition when creating an open floor plan. You don’t want to knock down the walls and make a big open area indiscriminately. Instead, consider hiring an interior designer or a contractor who can advise you better on how to go about redoing the rooms. But, again, working with a plan in mind can help you achieve an excellent definition.

There are ways to improve the floor plan in an eco-friendly manner. You want to do so in a way that improves circulation to ensure energy is used efficiently.

Best: energy efficiency

Having an energy-efficient house is the top requirement of today’s potential buyers. With natural resources depleting at high-speed rates, homeowners are increasingly conscious. They want to do their best to prevent further damage to the planet. Moreover, energy efficiency at home can help homeowners save thousands of dollars annually and help them live a much healthier life.

When it comes to creating a greener home, there are various steps you can take. Adding solar panels is one of the best ways to boost your home’s resale value. They are low maintenance, and a one-time investment can lead to exponentially lower bills. Furthermore, minor changes such as energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances can make a huge difference too. Energy-efficient appliances and bulbs can cut back on electricity usage heavily and promote greener living.

Worst: quirky designs

As a homeowner, you might tend to think like you need to add personal touches and renovate the home to your tastes. However, if you plan on selling the house, too much personalization can cost you heavily without adding anything of value. Likewise, adding anything too bold and eye-catching can steal the show away from buyers and give them little room to put their spin on the place. If you seek to incorporate some personality into your space, do it through non-permanent features such as your furniture and decorations.

As a rule of thumb, skip adding accent walls, bold door handles, bright wallpaper, quirky tiles, or anything similar. However, if you want to add more permanent changes, you can add neutral-toned wallpaper or paint. This way, you can improve the look of your home without going too overboard and leaving little room for the new occupants to express themselves.

Worst: high-end kitchen

Contrary to popular belief, adding a high-end kitchen may hurt your resale value rather than boosting it. The kitchen is a crucial area in the home, and it’s one of the most functional spaces. However, a super high-end kitchen, no matter how well-designed, rarely ever pays off when it comes to resale value. Of course, you might add stunning new finishes, increased cabinet space, kitchen islands, and the best appliances. Still, you have little to show for it when it comes to resale value.

Instead of going all out and changing everything, you need to focus on the essentials to boost resale value. For example, you can fix areas that are worn out and add increased space. If you want to add cosmetic changes, more minor changes are always better than larger ones. Additionally, you can add mid-range appliances rather than opting for the most expensive models. If you want an instant increase in resale value, do so with minor changes instead of complete kitchen overhauls.

High end kitchens are also often bad for the environment. They are often very resource intensive and use a lot of nonrenewable resources.

Eco-Friendly Renovations Are Important for Boosting the Value of Green Homes

Home renovations can be a fascinating period for homeowners, allowing them to personalize their homes to their wishes. However, it can be easy to pick the wrong renovation idea and lose out on a lot of money. If you plan to sell your humble abode and want to boost your resale value, this list can help you figure out what to invest in and what to avoid. These renovations won’t just increase your home’s resale value but can make your home comfortable, safe, and welcoming for your family too.

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