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Top 5 Benefits of Professional Aircon Servicing




According to experts, hiring a qualified professional to service your air conditioner is like buying insurance cover—it prolongs the aircon’s life and protects you, the owner, against surprise repair and replacement costs.

Here are five key benefits of preventive aircon servicing that help homeowners and business owners save money over the years.

Long-term energy savings

When an aircon is not running at full efficiency, it can drive up energy consumption and thereby your utility bills. Choked air filters and condenser coils push the aircon to its limits, making it consume more energy than required. Cleaning of filters and coils, the two key steps in aircon servicing, help your air conditioner optimize energy usage by allowing air to move freely.

Therefore, a machine that is serviced regularly by trained technicians is able to use energy more efficiently, which can help control your monthly power bills.

Savings on repair and maintenance

Any well-maintained appliance will inevitably have a longer, trouble-free life. Maintaining your aircon and having it serviced at least twice a year greatly diminishes repair costs, as regular inspection helps detect potential major faults in the unit and its components, thus saving you hundreds of dollars in fixing an unexpected breakdown.

An aircon service professional is trained to identify minor issues and leaks and can make timely corrections to avoid the problem from escalating into a heavy-duty repair job.

More beneficial over DIY servicing

While DIY aircon servicing is possible, it is usually limited to cleaning the air filters and external body of the unit. Deeper cleaning requires professional expertise involving dismantling the unit and cleaning each component using an industrial cleaner.

A thorough cleaning is essential to protect your expensive appliance from wear and tear and minimize repair costs. Clean your aircon on your own if you have the know-how to take it apart, identify and fix any issues, and put it back. If not, you might end up damaging sensitive components during the cleaning process. In such a case, it is recommended to hire a professional contractor for the job.

Longer lifespan

Every home and office appliance has an expected lifespan, after which it starts requiring frequent repairs. However, machines that are well-maintained and serviced every season will last several more years than expected, as the technician will be able to identify and replace damaged or faulty components before they can affect other parts of the aircon.

Small service fees can help save homeowners the larger expense of replacing an old, broken unit. The leading aircon service company Airecontrol offers several affordable service, repair and maintenance plans for both residential and commercial premises.

Improved safety

For families with children and older adults, it is even more important to get their aircons serviced every four months, as this greatly improves the air quality inside the house.

Moreover, an aircon professional can fix broken or damaged wire, leaking gas and faulty components—all of which pose safety hazards for residential and office premises. Servicing not only protects your appliance, it also helps prevent mishaps.

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