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Top Energy Saving Ideas for Sustainable Contracting Businesses

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There are a lot of factors that sustainable contracting companies need to take into consideration. They must make sure that they take all reasonable measures to lower their carbon footprint, which includes trying to save as much energy as possible. There are ways to create energy efficient windows at almost no cost, but there are other steps that you have to take as well. You need to make sure that your office is as eco-friendly as the construction sites themselves.

Energy Efficiency is Essential for Sustainable Contracting Companies

With businesses making plans to bring their staff back into the workplace now that restrictions are easing, it’s worth thinking about how things will operate post-pandemic. As well as introducing new health and safety measures and hot desking, now is a good time to focus on bringing in energy saving ideas to balance out having more people in the office again.  

As the owner of a sustainable contracting company, most of your employees are obviously going to be working outside for most of the day. However, you and other managerial employees might spend a good amount of time in the office. You have to make sure that your office is run as energy efficient as possible.

If you’re a business owner who wants to use this time as a fresh start, here are some ways that your company can save energy.  

Why introduce energy saving methods?

There are several reasons to consider energy saving methods in your workplace. The main one is that it’s crucial we consider the impact of the emissions we put out into the environment. Climate change is a huge concern, and world leaders have been called upon to come up with solutions to halt and reverse the damage that’s being done.  

Cutting back on energy consumption reduces the amount of electricity needed. By taking steps as a business to reduce emissions, you’re contributing to helping the environment.  

Another reason to consider the energy your business consumes is to save money. The less water and electricity you use, the lower your bills for these services will be.  

Ideas to help save energy

So, what are the top ways to save energy in the workplace? Here are some suggestions to help you take the steps towards becoming a greener business.

  • Go paperless 
    • If you regularly print out documents, try to foster a paper-free policy. Not only will this help to reduce the energy used by printers to print off the pages, but it will also save on paper and reduce the cost of ink supplies.
    • To do this, ask employees to question whether they need to send that page to print. There will be occasions when it’s crucial for a document to be on the page rather than on the screen, but if work can be carried out via computer, you’re likely to see the difference in electricity and paper costs.
  • Improve insulation  
    • If you’re renting an office space, it’s worth asking the building manager about how it’s insulated. Should you have noticed any draughts, there might be a need to check windows and doors, while the building as whole may need loft and wall insulation. As well as keeping staff at a comfortable temperature, focusing on insulation and any issues can stop heat energy from escaping and save on heating bills.
  • Preserve technology 
    • Protecting your tech can help to prolong its lifespan, saving you from needing to upgrade to new computers and laptops. Always paying attention to system updates and investing in things that preserve these key pieces of equipment, such as conformal coatings that help to prevent electrical failures, can go a long way towards prolonging the lifespan of the computers you use.
  • Switch to LED 
    • Swapping traditional halogen bulbs for LED options can save around 5KG of CO₂ carbon emissions for every bulb you use. Additionally, according to the Energy Saving Trust, ‘…replacing a 50W halogen with an LED equivalent could cut your energy costs by £75 over the lifetime of the bulb.’
  • Turn it off
    • Encouraging staff to turn off lights and taps when they’re not in use is another simple, yet effective way to save energy.

Take the Right Energy Saving Measures as a Sustainable Construction Company

There are a lot of energy saving steps that sustainable contracting companies will need to take to keep their carbon footprint low. These measures should be taken in the office, as well as the front lines.

What energy saving methods will you introduce in your sustainable contracting company?

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