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4 Warning Signs that it’s Time to Service Your Home Heating System




Winter is around the corner. It’s already chilly and very soon we’ll be welcoming sub-zero temperatures. Is your home ready to handle the severe cold? Do you remember how your heating system was functioning last year? It’s always better to do a thorough check of your heating system to make sure it’s working just right, and you can enjoy your warm home during the winter months.

We have made a quick check-list to help you identify if your heating system is working properly.

Incorrect Temperature Reading

The Thermostat is the most important component of your heating system. A proper functioning thermostat will help you regulate temperatures to keep all the rooms of your home well heated. However, regular usage, frequent temperature changes, dust accumulation and other issues caused due to non-usage may cause the thermostat to falter. While thermostats can be replaced easily at a fraction of the cost, if the problem is deeper, then you may have to replace the complete device.

Faulty Pilot Lights

The pilot lights are what keep the furnaces operational. It’s common for pilot lights to stop functioning once in a while, but if you find that it’s happening very often, then there could be a deeper problem that needs to be checked. This could range from poor pilot flames, bad gas valve, and cracked heat exchanger to improper vents. You may have to call in professional help to fix these issues.

Improper Burning or Gas-Leaks

If you find that your heating system is making odd noises, switching off at odd times or blowing air irregularly then these are signs that your heating system is faulty. If left unchecked this could lead to serious concerns including gas-leaks and risk of sickness. A malfunctioning device can also be a fire hazard and even emit carbon monoxide which is poisonous. All you need to do is call in the servicing team to fix these easy-to-repair problems.

Insufficient Heating

If you’re still getting the chills, even with your heater switched on, this could mean that the heating device is not working the way it is supposed to. Sometimes a simple professional cleaning by Meyer Heating and Air is all it takes. But if that doesn’t do the trick, then a deeper investigation of the components will be required to identify the root cause of the issue.

You’ll need your system running round the clock for the coming 4-5 months, so a simple check and tweaks at the initial stage will let you enjoy the rest of the season. Even if you don’t find any of these problems, it’s best to do a regular service of your heating system before winter begins. Not only will it save you from freezing during the winters, but you could also reduce your electricity bills by fixing gas leaks and loose connections, and ensure the equipment is delivering maximum efficiency throughout the time it’s needed.

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