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Replace your heating and cooling systems with geothermal energy 




The increasing pollution across the globe has led to consumers looking for alternatives to their heating and cooling systems. Technology has advanced and it has become possible to use systems that are efficient and offer an environmental choice for the home.

How does Geothermal heating and cooling work?

Made up of the sun’s heat, geothermal energy is created every day when the sun rays hit the earth. The temperatures outside may shift from the day to night but the temperature underneath remains constant. A geothermal system uses the energy which is stored beneath the surface of the earth and an earth loop is created for the same. This earth loop is buried inside the ground and helps in the circulation of eco friendly mixture of water and alcohol. The earth loop is basically a series of pipes that transfers heat into the home from the ground in the months of winter and removes the heat from home in the months of summer.

It makes the most of natural energy available in the environment and also helps generate heat for hot water without having to use fossil fuel or even emitting carbon dioxide or other gases. This is entirely done by geoexchange units that are very similar to any ordinary heat pumps. They use renewable energy which is stored below the ground level in order to provide comfortable cooling and heating in your home.

Geothermal energy is easy to use and maintain 

You can replace your traditional HVAC applications with geothermal energy. They are an ideal replacement for retrofit applications and most units can be easily installed. Since there is no combustion, there is no requirement to install a vent. The system can be installed in areas that are not suitable for fossil fuel furnaces. You can visit here to know more about the same. If you already have a cooling system, you can replace it with a geothermal system and if there is no existing air distribution system in your home, you need to carry out ductwork for the same. The technology is ideal for in floor heating which heats the room by the circulation of water through the pipes placed underneath the floor.

It will help maintain the right temperature in your home without causing any harm to the environment. As consumers become environmental conscious and take responsibility for their actions, the demand for geothermal technology is on the rise and a lot of home owners are replacing their air conditioners and heating systems with the eco friendly option. In order to install a system, all you need is earth loops and geoexchange units. The process of installation is quick and simple. There are three different types of units available in the market which will meet your needs. You need to establish your requirement for the same and then make a decision about the type you want to install. Keep in mind that the system needs a regular maintenance for efficient performance.

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