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5 Signs Your Green Home Needs an Eco-Friendly Plumbing

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When you are trying to manage and maintain an eco-friendly property, you need to make sure that you lean on the right professionals. This is important to make sure that the property remains as energy efficient as possible. Sustainable property owners will need to make sure that they know when to call a plumber, so the pipes are energy efficient.

Proper Plumbing is Important to Ensure Homes Are Eco-Friendly

The piping line in every house will wear down over time. Take a close check at your faucets and pipes and you may notice that some of them are showing signs of leaking or have cracks. These signs are telling you that you have been neglecting the maintenance of your house and you need to hire a plumber to fix them.

Why is this important to make sure your property is environmentally friendly? If the pipes don’t work properly, then the water won’t be transferred in the most energy efficient way. This is also an important safety consideration when building a sustainable property.

The following are 5 signs when you need to hire a plumbing service.

1. No Water from Your Tap

You open the tap of your bathroom sink to brush your teeth but there is no water. You check other taps around your home and there is also no water. If your house has no water, you should check with your neighbors if they experience the same problem. A plumber will be able to tell you who you should call to bring back water to your property. On the other hand, if the problem only occurs on your property, there could be a pipe leaking problem and the water that should flow to your house is leaking somewhere else. It is important to contact a plumber to fix the leak problem as soon as possible. Small leaks can quickly develop into a deep flooding situation that can cause damages to your house structure. Fixing them is important to keep the property cost-effective.

2. Not Hot Water from Water Heater

You turn on your water heater but it is not giving you hot water. It could be that the hot water reserve in your water heater tank is used up. If your family uses more hot water than the amount the tank can hold, you will need a new water heater with a larger tank size. The plumber will be able to walk you through the process of choosing the right size water heater. It is up to you if you decide to buy the water heater yourself from a local hardware store like Lowes. Water heaters that did not produce hot water could also be caused by problems like faulty temperature or faulty heating element on the upper part. It is also likely that the socket which you plug in your heater is faulty and not able to produce enough electricity to heat the water heater. Licensed plumbers can pinpoint the problem and use the right tools to fix it.

3. Low Water Pressure

You have noticed lately that the water from your tape is low pressure. You might think that it is all right as long as there is still water flow when you open the tap. However, you must know that it is a sign that there is a leaking problem somewhere in the piping structure around your home. Low water pressure occurs when it drops below 40 – 45 pounds PSI. Low water pressure could be caused by problems with the water supplier. Someone has accidentally turned the main shutoff valve halfway. The main water valve is usually connected to your hose in the garden. You need to turn the handle counterclockwise as far as possible. Low pressure can also be an indication that your pipes inside are corroded and need to be replaced. Usually, a corroded pipe will also be leaking. So, you should have a plumber install a new pipe. Copper pipe is a better option than galvanized pipe as it can last longer.

4. Drain is not Draining

Your drain is having problems draining the water. This can lead to flood situations in the laundry room when your washing machine is rinsing. In the bathroom, water can quickly flood to a certain level when the drain is not able to drain properly. The problem could be caused by a clog in the drain system. If your drain is clogged, you can hire a plumber to use a camera to look into the depth of the pipe and see what is causing the clog. Hair and grease are the common stuff that causes clogging in the pipe. The plumber can use an augur to break up the clogs that build up in the drain. You can try fixing it yourself, but may need to hire a plumber.

5. Faucet Dripping

Faucets dripping is often ignored due to the small amount of leak. However, even a small amount of faucet dripping can increase your water bill. The faucet leak can easily be fixed with a little tightening or application of plumbing tape. If it doesn’t work, you can call a plumber to diagnose the problem. For leaky faucets, a plumber can help you to replace the old faucet or its seal with a new one. Leaking on cartridge faucets is often caused by a broken cartridge. The plumber can help you to buy a new cartridge that matches the model of your existing cartridge and install it for you.

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