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Sustainable Interior design ideas for home building Sustainable Interior design ideas for home building


Stylish and Sustainable Interior Finish Materials For Your Home

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So, you’ve decided you want the interior to be in line with your values of green living, but you also appreciate design trends and room aesthetics. Don’t worry—you don’t have to sacrifice style to be sustainable! Unlike previous decades where eco-friendly options were limited to provincial, bizarre and unattractive designs, today’s market features a fresh variety of modern aesthetics. Consider these trendy finish materials that also meet your green design goals.

Stylish and Eco-friendly Wood Materials

No need to enforce an infinite ban on wood products to maintain your green living standards! There are now sustainable wood products on the market that allow you to indulge in beautiful wood finish without the guilt trip. Using an environmentally friendly process, sustainable wood products, such as floors, interior wall paneling, house wood siding and more, are treated with a safe solution that enhances their color while also significantly increasing durability. A stronger surface means fewer repairs, ultimately decreasing the amount of materials used for maintenance. What a great advancement in eco-friendly products that offer stylish design elements!

Custom and DIY Green Wall Décor

Sometimes the finishing touches of a room can prove the most difficult choices. Standard arrangements offered in home décor stores can be tempting, but they often fall short of green living goals and personal style preferences. One way to spruce up your interior is with a custom canvas decoration that expresses your unique style and splashes the room with real personality. Big prints on canvas can create a focal point in an interior design plan and can also tie together some of the contrasting colors found within a room. Instead of store-bought decorations that are often mass-produced, generic and unmemorable, DIY wall décor can capture the essence of your green lifestyle with a personal touch. Selecting matte finishes, dimensions, colors and placement can be a fun, creative project to share with a family member or to complete yourself as a hobby. Create the precise look that you love so your interior finish provides the ideal ambiance for home relaxation.

Stone Veneers

Another exciting interior finish that racks up significant style points is the application of veneer stone materials. Stone veneers are wonderful for creating fascinating interior design elements, including applications as accent walls, bathroom and shower features, spa-style vanities and more. One of the most impressive applications is the stone veneer fireplace—a beautiful use of natural stone design that can create a visual frame for the fireplace and mantel. Stone veneers come in an impressive assortment of geometric patterns and layouts. Also, a variety of glaze finishes is available, from natural gray, ash and brown finishes to more daring colors, like ruby red and aqua blue. Whether you’re going for an upscale or rustic look, veneer stone materials are a wonderful resource, allowing creativity and sustainability to play a part in your interior finish.

Out-of-the-box Ideas for Accent Walls

Accent walls are all the rage, and it’s no surprise, considering they add a visual focal point for the interior living space. Rather than going with a standard approach of painting a wall in a contrasting color, go with an out-of-the-box idea, such as the addition of fiber cement panels. This alternative approach can bring so much more than simple color contrast, including texture variance, durable wall protection and additional ambiance evoked by the material. In addition to these aesthetic aspects, fiber cement is more durable than traditional siding, meaning less waste is going into landfills.

Fiber cement products can achieve almost any look, whether you’re going for the rustic and comforting appeal of natural wood or the cosmopolitan allure of striking colors and unexpected detailing. Designers have even used fiber cement products as stylish finishing décor on the ceiling for a truly remarkable effect! Impressively versatile and low-maintenance, fiber cement products are a wonderful option for homeowners looking for a sustainable finish that allows for true creative expression. Because fiber cement siding is easy to install, it’s also a great resource material for new homeowners planning their first DIY projects.

If green living is a priority, be sure to select fiber cement products that are LEED-certified, developed under environmental considerations recommended by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) framework. By integrating fiber cement siding that meets stylish design elements and sustainable goals, you can have the best of both worlds in your next interior remodeling project!

When it comes to interior finishes, don’t settle for standard. Effortlessly integrate some of these stylish and sustainable interior finish materials into your next home remodeling project—you’ll be pleased with simultaneous achievements in style and sustainability.

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