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Green Your Kitchen With A Beautiful Copper Range Hood

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Many jurisdictions across the country are actively encouraging homeowners to opt for greener lifestyles. Consumers are responding by purchasing electric vehicles, recycling more, participating in home and municipal compost programs, and cutting down on energy use at home.

Planning a kitchen renovation? Now is the perfect time to work greener products into your design. Energy efficient stoves and refrigerators are a step in the right direction. But did you know that installing a copper range hood could go a long way toward building a green and healthy home environment?

Your forever range hood

Copper can be shaped and molded to any design specifications you require. It is guaranteed to be a stunning eye catcher because it’s such a beautiful and unique material. If you want to make your neighbors jealous, then a copper range hood is the only way to go. It is also less hazardous to the environment than most other metals.

Beyond its gorgeous look, copper is extremely durable. A copper range hood will withstand the pressures of a typical kitchen. Heat, grease, odors, and steam will not leave their mark. Even bumping it with a heavy pan won’t damage it. Copper doesn’t corrode or chip. That pretty orange color can develop a classic patina after a while. Some homeowners’ love that look and will allow the copper to change naturally. If you’d prefer your range hood to remain its original color forever, you can have it coated with a protective glaze.

Easy cleaning

Copper range hoods are low maintenance. Just wipe the surface with a damp cloth and you’re done. For extra cleaning power, add a few drops of white vinegar to a 1/2 cup of water. The vinegar will clean grime and restore the copper’s natural look. One of the best advantages that copper has over other materials is that it is naturally anti-bacterial. It is a non-porous metal, and no nooks and crannies mean fewer places for bacteria to dig in and multiply.

Safe and green

The best part of buying a copper range hood is that the copper is likely recycled. Most copper available for sale today has been reused and reformed in some way as needed. And recycling and reusing are great ways to reduce waste and take pressure off our natural resources. According to the Copper Development Association, nearly all of the copper ever mined is still in use today.

Here’s another great reason to buy a copper range hood. Copper does not off-gas. So, unlike some other range hood finishes, like wood, copper will help keep your indoor air quality as pure as possible. No one ever wants to think about experiencing a home fire or any other kind of home disaster. Be reassured that if you were ever to have a kitchen fire, a damaged copper range hood will not release any toxic fumes into the air. That keeps both you and the firefighters safe. You wouldn’t even have to toss out the damaged range hood. Depending on the extent of damage, copper can be refinished and reformed to its original state.

So, copper is durable and clean, but does it have any negative environmental impact? Very little, actually. Much of the copper that is used in the production of home products, like range hoods, is sourced locally. Not only does that provide local employment opportunities, it helps to reduce the home renovation and design industry’s carbon footprint.

Yes, the initial cost of buying a copper range hood can be high. But you could earn it back. A copper range hood can increase your home’s resale value because it’s such a unique, beautiful, and practical addition to your home.

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