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eco-friendly log cabin with sustainable housing design eco-friendly log cabin with sustainable housing design

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Sustainable Housing Designs for the Perfect Log Cabin

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There are a lot of great ways to live in a greener home. You can consider building your own log cabin.

You can create sustainable housing designs for a log cabin that will use a minimal amount of energy throughout the year.

Coming Up with Sustainable Housing Plans When Creating a Log Cabin

Are you planning on building a sustainable home? A log cabin can be a great idea. Many eco-friendly living experts have talked about some of the countless environmental benefits of living in a log home, which include:

  • They are naturally energy efficient
  • All of the materials are biodegrable and eco-friendly
  • The air quality is better
  • The materials are renewable

However, there are still some issues that you need to consider when building an eco-friendly log cabin. You need to make sure that it is built in line with your budget and sustainability goals.

Tips for Creating an Eco-friendly Log Cabin Design

Your style should be hampered by a limited budget.  Matthew, an experienced builder and Irene, a decor expert, built their mind-blowing log cabin. This gracious couple did not hesitate to share what they learned when constructing their home when we approached them.  From picking the right location to choosing finishing material, this hands-on duo gives their best advice on how to build a log cabin on a budget.

Save Everything

If you are constructing your own house, chances are you’re both creative and handy with a toolbox. Matthew advises on saving everything you can. He saved every wood scrap and was able to build an appealing balcony rail with leftover pieces.

This is a great way to ensure materials aren’t wasted, which is crucial for sustainable housing designs.

Limit on Finishing Materials

The couple warns on avoiding getting carried away with doors, windows, and fixtures. You do not have to settle for a lower grade and consider shopping around. Sometimes, in log cabins, you can get away with mid to low-range materials as you want a rustic look. According to Irene, you can always in the future.

Find Compromises

Matthew and Irene went for a manufactured log with a rough finish on it, instead of settling for a handcrafted profile. According to Matthew, they liked the handcrafted look but ultimately decided to go for the machine-hewn price.

Get Creative

Rather than using pine tongue-in-groove panelling, which is by no means cheap, Irene came up with a plaster mud, sand, and paint mixture, which she applied between ceiling beams, creating a rustic look.

Use Faux Stone for the Hearth

The Witts swear by manufactured stone for chimneys. Even though Matthew has been a builder for two decades, he says you cannot tell the difference. In addition, you get to save money on concrete pouring as you need to reinforce the floor if you are using genuine rock.

Do Not Scrimp on Stains

According to Matt and Irene, the last place you want to be stingy is the exterior stain. It is imperative to budget in the highest quality stains your finances can allow. Technically, re-staining should be done every 2 to 5 years, but the better they are, the less frequently you need to do that. Also, Matthew recommends a darker stain, as it gives better protection against UV rays.

Put Off What You Can

Some things cannot be postponed, but where you can, leave unfinished spaces or rooms until you can afford to finish them off. At first, Matthew and Irene only constructed 2 small decks off their cabin. However, taking advantage of their appealing mountain was vital to them, and so, after they built their house a few years later, they went back and added outdoor spaces until their cabin boasted decks on two sides.

Of course, if you decide to get someone else to do it then check out Quick-Garden cabins.

Follow These Tips for an Eco-Friendly Log Cabin!

Log cabins can be very eco-friendly homes. However, you need to design them carefully with your budget and green living objectives in mind. And there you have it, tips from a couple that managed to build a sustainable log cabin on a budget, all on their own.

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